Greece: past the times of solidarity

Greece: Past the times of solidarity

The Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis has the direction; Simos Kedikoglou, right of him, shows his elect, that he is always and everywhere when Mitsotakis appears on the island of Euboa. Photo (August 2019): Wassilis Aswestopoulos

The mood is completely tilted: No welcome More for escape

The situation for escape and migrants in Greece has dramatically changed in recent months. On the 18th. December 2019, the international day of migrants, were 41.363 asylum seekers on the Greek islands. At the end of April 2019, it was less than 15 official information.000.

A comment survey made last week showed that 55 percent of Greeks do not agree with the asylum policy of the government. The survey does not clearly, in which direction the policy should go. However, numerous evidence indicates that the mood in the country is completely tilted. Passing the times when a majority of the Greeks showed solidarity.

A burger master rests

"Go! Go!" Sounds it on the Christmas smell of Vathy on Samos. After a longest rainy period, there is a kind of spring weather throughout the country, in the middle of December. A man runs up and down. He asks people who appear as a asylum seeker. It is the burgermaster of East Samos, Giorgos Spermzos.

He push the people. "Fuck you, get off", calls he. He has no right-wing radical past. Spirzzos was a member of the Social Democratic Pasok, which demanded his political career. The studied tax consultant since 1998 as a chosen representative in the municipal policy of Samos Tatig.

A woman enters him. She puts him in English to talk. "Way, go away please", Sounds something more courteous on the part of the burger master. The woman can be seen as a tourist. Ironically laughing she pushes the burger master to the side. One in the nearest other woman asks in Greek: "What are you? Tourist? Oh, let, ..". Before you can come to an end, a policeman pushes the two women aside. From the background are the screams of Greek to Horen, the "Sluts and dirt pack" speaks.

The scene is part of a video. The policeman briefly strikes the cameraman on its mobile phone and leaves him off. The camera continues. The burger master comes into the picture and says "fuck you" to the cameraman who gave himself as a journalist.

A few seconds later is Spermzos suddenly. He explains that he wants to win the public sites for the burger again. Demand, whether the asylum seekers had destroyed something, he conserves. Instead, he complains that again high visits from the government and with international participation was on the island.

The Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, the Greek Vice Premier Panagiotis pikrimenos and the government’s coordinator for escape and migrants, Alkiviadis Stefanis had to go to the island.

However, Spanzos complained, no government official was talking to him. The visitors, so Spermzos, were decided as cut in a waxed house by real events. "Here is our problem, here they had to go to see it. We want a solution now! They should disappear from the island, end!", speaks and disappears.

Spirzzos is no case. As he reacts burger masters and regional governors throughout the country. Nobody liked a flight camp in his district. Similar to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in vain for the solidarity of his office colleagues and the inclusion of coarse quotas of asylum seekers, his own parliamentarians are also begging in vain for the solidarity of his counterparty and the inclusion of large quotas.


On the island of Euboa is the early minister and since 2004 parliamentarian Simos Kedikoglou the local governor of the NEA Dimokratia. He is happy to show himself with Mitsotakis to demonstrate his attachment to the party feet and premier. Only in the migration policy, because Kedikoglou denies his boss the follower. Asylum seekers with good prospects for a successful procedure, according to Mitsotaki’s plan instead of being accommodated in superfilled and inhuman camps on the islands, in better accommodation on the mainland and on the island of Euboa.

Building, which came into question, is already available. Abandoned, bankruptcy gone hotels, which could be prepared with little effort than hostel for asylum seekers. Abandoned military camps, as well as other objects that may be made possible slightly by coarse urban centers, easy to umpty and locked. Kedikoglou fears however "The tourist product", The lifeblood of his electoral district, as he says.

Within the population are scattered. Is it perhaps this or that hotel, which is provided as a camp? Such questions in cafe people collect many people. They participate in part of the fate of asylum seekers. The heated mood unloads in actionism. So Burger from the place of Aulis, which is located on the mainland opposite the island capital Chalkida, from protest to the rough Brucke, which connects Euboa with the mainland.

Euboa is connected via a small folding bridge as well as the said rough Brucke with the incurred Greece. The blocking of the main harness should, according to the intention of the burgers of Aulis, who warn those responsible, and a removal of the existing camp Ritsona at Aulis to prevent the closed camp for asylum seekers.

Euboa, however, is anything but an international tourist magnet. Here are only a few public tourists. Rather, the a good hour drive from Athens away serves the capital yards for the weekend tourism. The nearly six-kilometer beach of Aulis has suffered very much under the financial deficiency of the Greek municipalities during the crisis years.

The place itself is because of its acquisition in the Ilias Homers and his past as a cult forces of Artemi’s history. Finally, the Greek fleet was once driven off here by Troja. The tragedy Euripides immortalized the place with his work "Iphigenia in Aulis", which also contained with the Trojan War train.

However, numerous finds of antiquity have never really been developed as a tourist attraction. The severance of the population in relation to their representatives has been a long time before the existence of the escape warehouse. However, she focused on asylum seekers in connection with asylum policy.


As well as Kedikoglou on Euboa also think people in Sparta. As there were buses with the families prestigious in the asylum proceedings as a protective value and to settled them in an economically advised hotel, a deserted amount of Spartans found themselves on site. They scolded on the present vice money master and threw him not to have sufficiently resisted.

In theest elections, they threatened, they were remembered. Also Sparta is one of the once historical places, which are largely excluded from the current, sun, beach and sea-designed tourism boom.

But even on the tourist-made islands like Lesbos, Samos and Leros, the inhabitants often find themselves as destroyed by the state. The connection to the mainland and the propagation of your islands as a tourism goal is for you considerably worse than for example for the islands Mykonos, Rhodes, Paros, Kos and Corfu.


On Samos the tensions continued. Spirzos Dear on Thursday the schools shut up and evacuate the schoolers because in the over-compatible camp Kyt, almost 500 meters from the school complex removed asylum seekers against the poor accommodation.

Not all of the inhabitants of the camp wanted to follow the protest because they scaled an escalation. Some moved towards downtown, another group tried to safeguard on a nearby Hugel. The police responded according to the government doctrine "Order and hard against legislative" Hard, and overwear the entire environment with Tranengas.

Most Greek media then presented the facts that the school building had been closed because of the escape and immigrants. The fact that the actual escalation was involved in the massive approach of the police, on the other hand, hardly mentioned. In addition, the real reason is based on the protests in such a message situation.

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