Greece: a heart for shipowner

Greece: a heart for shipowner

Smogwolke over Athens last winter. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Athens is again in Clinch with the Troika. Who controls the prufer?

A little different than usual, the Government of Samaras is determined this time not to go to all demands of Troika. So-called horizontal maws, ie the trailless short of worthwhile and pensions with simultaneous levels of head tax, samaras are categorically. He woman, however, that among the given circumstances otherwise his parliamentary majority in danger goods. Finally, the final economic figures for 2012 show that the recession with the rescue plan of Troika again was 6.4 percent. Samaras openly plays with the threat of new elections, which has already put the coalition partner PASOK in alarm.

Samaras is looking for a political solution

Parallel to the acquires for new elections, Samaras is self-confident than maker. He plans in interviews until the end of the current legislative period and concedes relief of the suffering for the poor. For this, the Premier would like to use 70 percent of the primary budget generated this year. Samaras and Stournaras are currently talking about 500 million euros Primarubersheck. Under a Primaruberschuss, the state locomotives understand a cash register manifested before the Old-debt payment.

Mon months ago still was about three billion euros the speech. But even the smaller primary supercuss is doubted in many places, not just by the Troika,. In addition to the full votes of the opposition, the independent scientific invoice of the Greek Parliament will also be collected.

Above all, the budget calculation method for Zank ensures between government and Troika. The Troika sees a budget hole for the coming year in the magnitude of three billion euros, the government calculates up to 500 million euros. Samara’s threat of new elections is aimed at nothing else, as one, as it is called in Athens, to find political solution for the Greek budget problem. That sounds like the explanation for Greece’s accession to the Eurozone. At that time it was a political decision, for whose consequences also came from Greece warnings.

At the current political poker Samaras has at least some trumpf in his hand. Because the Greeks self also produces the Troika numerous Schildburgerstrich. Samaras can currently hope for a political solution or a sharp monitoring of the Troika by politics. For both matters lies the last word in Berlin. And there are coalition negotiations. Thus, in Berlin, no one comments that in Greece instead of an environmentally friendly energy transition will be a rigorous pick-up of the remaining walder.

Finance Minister Stournaras. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

Greece continues tooltip

Since 2011, the Ministry of Finance has successively raised the heating oil taxation. The prefabrical goal was to lock the black trade. The ol for shipping you love however untouched. At the obviously also in the smuggling refineries neither government nor Troika ran trusted (murder threat for a report on diesel smuggling). Furthermore, the already available from income taxes shipped your fuel tax-free, while the burger for a liter of heating must pay the price for diesel.

At prices from 1.31 euros to 1.41 euros per liter this is the most hardly possible. How cold it can be in the holiday country, the inhabitants of Florina in Northern Greece have already reported at the beginning of October. They reported temperatures below freezing point. In the northern Greek Nevrokopi, near the city of Drama prevail in winter traditionally temperatures around minus eighteen degrees. In short, there are numerous regions in the country, where the heating of a stay of 80 sqm 2.500 liters of heating per winter season are notative. At a minimum wage of under 500 euros for workers and a nationwide unemployment rate of just under 27 percent, everyone can calculate that alone the heating can cost more than half of the income.

In her distress, many had fused everything in provisionally installed cannon furnace, which was flammable. Not infrequently landed plastic bottles, but also painted holzer in the fire. About coarse dates such as Athens formed in relatively mild winter 2012/13 weeks of smog clouds, which clear from eyebrows, breathlessness to circulatory problems almost the entire range of acute medical emergency purple. In the cash point, the Ministry of Finance had to admit that it had to accept a loss of income instead of additional revenue. In addition, Heizolhandler contacted bankruptcy.

The only social counterpart had promised the Minister of Finance last year, socially weak families had a refund. Many who confided and ordered heating after a commitment of their application, are still waiting for the billing of the bill. In addition, this results from the criteria for the refund especially in multi-family homes a problem. Most only have central heating systems. There hardly helps if some of the tenants receive a commitment for the refund. Because the coarse residents are large parts do not be charged that expensive firing material with finance. In short, the maaking can be considered with FUG and right as failed.

In addition, in the meantime all types of taps in the country are connected to a centrally managed computer system named Hephaistos. Not a single liter can be sold without reports to the Ministry of Finance. Without control remain only, as always, the shipowner. 26 Parliamentarians The NEA Dimokratia therefore asked Finance Minister Stournaras to finally see and correct the error.

The non-party Stournaras remained hard. His vice of Christos Staikouras Horte on his party friends and dared a solo. He requested the reduction of tax on Heizol by 15 percent and failed at Troika. The Troika only expanded the group of people who could hope for a refund with appropriate prepayment, on the other hand, the NEA Dimokratia fails is brusked. If you had written the fight for affordable heating on the party lines. Not least that’s why Samaras is now open to the break, as well as that of one of his familiar links to: 38658, co-owned web service Antnews merged.

Tax-free shipping even more

A heart for shipowner showed the Troika in another place. Instead of looking for ways, finally tax the ship’s owners, she urges them to do this even more constituents.

The safety regulations for ship crews should be relaxed so that ships can get along with fewer sailors. The fact that the army of the unemployed has continued to increase and that the tax exemption of the shipowner was originally coupled with their role as an employer, the Prufer does not interest. Which sense the profit maximization tax-free entrepreneurs with simultaneous reduction of taxpayers can not explain.

So far, Marineminister denied Miltiadis Varvitsiotis of the claim the approval. But without heart for rich, he is not. Because Varvitsiotis might tilt the youngest in the sense of a free competition the first introduced luxury taxes for yachts.

He liked the Reeders on others because of money. Varvitsiotis says that it is unfair if the public transport is required on land with 400 million euros, the seafaring to remote islands, on the other hand, only with 80 million euros per year.

Minister of Economics Chatzidakis. Image: w. Aswestopoulos

The Troika requires the EU denied

Like Odysseus at sea, between Scylla and Charybdis, Minister of Economic Affairs must be Kostis Chatzidakis. The Troika requires him an immediate privatization of the state railway oses. Chatzidakis undertook everything to fulfill this requirement. Because without selling the Troika dubbed the next tranche.

Unfortunately, only one thing found. That in turn brought the EU competition commission to the plan. It refuses the deal the consent. The fact that the EU competition commission pays itself in fact to the Troika consistent from the EU, ECB and IMF, no one of the parties may see. In addition, the EU from the OSE might access. The railway operators could not finish requested construction projects in time. Artsstuck, the construction projects were recently frozen in 2011 because of the savings converter.

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