Great animals, great ipad, but bad english

YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

Great animals, great ipad, but bad English

The Future of Air Travel

Animals always go. So before we come on the topic of the week, first of all, from the animal kingdom. First of all, a really good parrot parrot, who can also sing wonderfully. Then there was another obviously highly dramatic encounter between a baren and a cat. The Brisante Documentation 1 Man 2 Fish is rather strange. And the nice attempt of BBC to let animals speak, may not be missing. – And now quickly with Bill Cosby to the dentist.

Bear vs Cat

Theme of the week were natural not singing or speaking animals, but the iPad. Already three years ago, such a pad was presented by MADTV. And the whole thing had a special female note at that time. How to use the device also shows a man in this video.

Great animals, great ipad, but bad English


Also a certain Hitler has made his thoughts on the subject. And this mesh side presents hub-like iPad commercials.

Mad TV – iPad

Made this week to the departure (or done) the new EU Commissioner Gunther Oettinger with his introduction into the secrets of the English language. Such an embarrassing occurs that even Twitter Guru Sascha Lobo has thought about his blog, about a possible image rescue Oettinger’s. But the Commissioner is not a single case like this involuntarily demonstrated funny contribution of the MDR. With English, however, a certain problem has no problems: Helge Schneider lost in the movie screw, tool forgot about the width of the universe chatted. To Gluck in German.

French Animation – AIDS

Now our quick run: who loves bare, who will take this short video. That too has something: porn for the blind. The Swiss Blog Magnifier "shows new macers in terrorist. This is an original French anti-AIDS spot. And the final point sets an improvising Jim Carrey.

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