Google publishes search interests since corona: fruhstuck and doner popular

Google publishes search interests since Corona: Fruhstuck and Doner popular

The German her breakfast and her Doner: Google maps were the most wanted cake types of gastronomy in October, followed by Cafe, Ramen and Steakhouse. Compared to December 2019, requests for reservations of the map service increased by a total of about 300 percent. Germany is thus Europe-wide leader.

Google has published a few numbers to search queries in maps since the Corona crisis. So most food orders have been discussed on the search engine about Sundays. This function has only been available since April and therefore has no real comparison period. Now the order option will also be expanded. If you want to order something to eat with an Android or iOS device about maps or the search, you will find a live status report on pick-up and supplier, including expected waiting time. In addition, the delivery fee is displayed directly. Of course, this is reflected on gastronomy companies that participate and share such information for Google.

More cycling routes, more Local Corona info

In terms of mobilitat, the search for cycling routes in September and October has increased by 31 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. The interest in public transport, on the other hand, decreased by 21 percent. Autorouses were searched by 2 percent more people, to Fub wanted to go with Google Maps 7 percent less.

Corona information in maps should have helped ten million people. What "help" means, is not closed in the blog post. In the coming weeks, however, the area should be expanded. Google liked the number of registered infection trap and links to local authorities there on mobile devices (iOS and Android). This is how to quickly and securely get information that the mails are currently valid in a region.

According to Google, there has been nearly 250 new features and improvements in Google Maps in recent months.

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