Google maps for companies: easy to hide competing businesses

Google maps for companies: easy to hide competing businesses

On many new features in Google Maps, companies can use artificial use when integrating the map service on their website. On the one hand, tickets can now be adapted more extensive to your own needs: among other things, companies can be manipulated in Google’s Cloud Console, instead of sending a special URL from the client to the server. So many cards should manage centrally and at once have a new style, even employees without programming skills should work with maps.

No overflow of information

In addition, the JavaScript API can now handle vector maps. The rendering takes over here the client via webgl. Previously, this feature was already available for iOS and Android. Developers can now prioritize markings in maps, which now no longer collide with other information. So you should always remain readable because the software displays the desired markings and data.

The developer can now also show a specific category of all businesses. Before they first have to find them all under business, they are now in the Funf areas of accommodation, loading, food drinking, car rentals and gas stations split. Companies can only offer their customers on maps only complementary, but no competing business. Also, how many the card represents, let’s set.

To start there are these new functions in a beta phase, Google wants to provide them developers but already in the next few weeks. Technical details Find readers in documentation on

Maps and app always in a window

There is also another new option for software developers: With Local Context, maps can be integrated into an application for the desktop or smartphone. So users should access all the functions of Google Service as the stored information about locations can be accessed without having to change the application or window.

Again, the displayed businesses and places can be adjusted according to your own requires. In addition, the card will miss another design, so for example, the colors and symbols comply with company branding. To the beta start, Local Context as a library for the JavaScript API is available, the support for Android and iOS should follow.

The innovations appear to 15. Birthday of the maps API. You saw a few months after the actual map service the light of the world. Interested readers will find Google a jerk and outlook on a specially furnished side. For leisure manufacturers, the provider also published some new functions, of which especially AR titles should benefit.

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