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YouTube and Co. – Our weekly telepolis video check

World’s Worst Movie Pitches

Lists are what fine and in the network also accordingly popular. A list of the most popular YouTube videos of all time has now created Richard MacManus from Blog Read / WriteWeb. And this hit parade is dominated by mostly professionally produced music videos. The small rest comes from the area Comedy, but also a revealed Turkish movie could place himself.

But the most popular video shows the comedian Judson LIPPLY in "Evolution of Dance". A funny movie on the 6. April 2006 set online and so far 56.145.442 seen and 61.658 was commented. Proud numbers, although the blogger Robert Basic stop the number of "views" in the face of millions of use of YouTube for astonishingly low. Basics little calculation lesson can be found here. and the popular videos of all time

Man Flashes reporter

A fine idea is Gloob.TV. A video platform that present the best videos of the network according to your own claim daily.

Every Day Our Team of Editors Provides The Best Video Picks From Around The Web, so you do not have to trawl through all the crap. We Believe That Many Sites Offering Web Videos Are Now Infested With So Much Garbage, That’s Becoming More Difficult’s To Enjoy The Experience of Good Videos.

Dumb Ass of the Year

Around 25 employees, according to their own information, has probably have to look at the edge of the nervous breakdown. Anyway, your selection is quite neat – for example, "World’s Worst Movie Pitches", A short film about Moods screenwriters. Or this video, which hopefully shows sustainably, how to deal with media representatives. And right to look at the trickish artist movie "Polaroid Stop Motion".

Helge Schneider – I print the mouse

The most popular was this week in the English Internet the movie "Viral Marketing in the Death Stuttgart", A funny baffeling PR-Verarsche. Funny and elated is also Helge Schneider’s music video "I print the mouse", On the other hand, this film is actually the "Dumb Ass of the Year".

But the closing point is back to the Guru Swami through nananda, which calls in a dramatic appeal to the organ donation: God Bless You and Goodbye! And please do not forget: Facebook was yesterday, today is Arseboo.

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