Amsterdam (Netherlands), 7. September 2012 – It is a fairly unusual tactic: Ford shows his handlers the upcoming model range, although some of the vehicles should first come to the market at the end of 2013. You want to make the handlers courage in economically heavy times. While the current framework conditions are brutal, space in Europe Stephen Odell, but one believes in growth of 20 percent in the next five years.

Russia in the sights

In particular, Ford has emerging up-to-seekers like Russia. His superior Alan Mullaly shows the key data of the ambitious "One Ford"-Plans. By 2017, Ford might have a total of 15 global vehicles in the program. At the same time, product development should be accelerated and profitable work. Europe plays an important role, because Ford places 27 percent of the total paragraph. Overall, Ford invested six billion dollars for the implementation of this strategy, as Germany boss Bernhard Mattes already revealed at the beginning of 2012.

Sport Fiesta and Electric Focus

The beginning still makes the overworked Fiesta. He gets a memorable frontpoint, while the remaining body remains largely untouched. New are the so-called EcoBoost three-cylinder gasoline engine with turbocharging under the hood. They make 100 and 120 hp. Added to this is new technique such as a emergency brake assistant, or the voice-based sync system. For example, with this, the driver can choose his desired music by voice command or read SMS. As a sporty top model, the Fiesta St is launched in 2013: 182 hp from 1.6 liters of displacement should bring it to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds from zero. A class high rolls the Ford Focus Electric to the handlers in early 2013. He should accelerate purely electric to speed 100.

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