Gigabit networks: cable is modernized, ftth takes ride

Gigabit Networks: Cable is modernized, FTTH takes ride

Around 26 million households in Germany can receive gigabit internet. Thus, two-thirds of German households are reached, from a market survey from Dialog Consult on behalf of the industry association VATM. By the middle of the year, there was therefore around 29.3 million gigabite connections, of which almost 11 million were actually switched. This corresponds to an increase of 5 percent each compared to the end of the year 2020.

The coarse part of the available gigabit connections are attributed to the cable network operators, which their networks in recent years on Docsis 3.1 have rusted and now offer bandwidths of up to 1 Gbit / s. 23.3 million cable connections are available in Germany, 8.7 million they are switched. There are almost six million direct glass fiber connections (FTTH / B), of which 2.1 million are switched.

Docsis upgrade is through

The modernization of the cable networks is largely completed. "The remaining 3 million connections were still sustained in the coming 12 months", Telecommunications expert Torsten Gerpott said in the presentation of market analysis Gigabit connections of the VATM. But the cable network operators then do not put themselves on the lazy skin: they will continue to invest in their networks to deliver the promised bandwidths.

While the increase in disparable gigabit cable connections becomes more viewed, the number of available glass fiber access grew by 800 compared to the end of the year 2020.000, that’s almost 16 percent. In summer, more than 62 percent of households with gigabitual connections will be supplied, grepto is estimated. This corresponds to about 26 million households. The discrepancy to the total number of the available connections is explained with the approximately 3 million households, which have the choice between cables and FTTH.

Gigabit Networks: Cable is modernized, FTTH takes ride

At FTTH, the share of Telekom is 2.3 million connections, of which 675.000 (just under 30 percent) actively used. Competition companies such as German glass fiber and others have expanded 3.7 million connections, of which 1.5 million are switched (40 percent). Gerpott cheered that the Telekom is now also bursting in the fiber optic expansion. "Through this intensification of the competition, the expansion will accelerate as a whole."

Expansion makes progress

The telecommunications expert was confident that the industry will make significant progress in fiberglass expansion. The widespread criticism, Germany, in the network expansion, and move slightly above the level of a third-world country, Gerpott does not want to share. "The glass is always half-full or semicine", said the expert. "I think it’s half full and we will continue to move well in the market."

For VATM-Prasident David Rooms, this progress also depends on the political conditions. The demand of the so-called demonstrated by German Traffic Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) "gray spots" – So regions where less than 100 Mbps are available – remains a zankapfel. For rooms, the good development at FTTH shows that the industry does not work well without demand. "Much more than one thinks", said the VATM Prasident. "We need less requirement, we need an acceleration of the procedures".

By 2030, almost all households in Germany should be connected to Gigabit networks. From the point of view of VATM Business Jurse Jurgen Grutzner is a realistic goal. "2030 we will have made it." From then, the proportion of cable networks were allowed to remove and successive with fiberglass. However, one will "The last two, three percent" households do not reach KONNE. For them, alternatives, such as satellite offers.

Right to the Internet is "Political rattle"

Or that "Right to fast internet", that Bundestag and Bundesrat have recently decided with the amendment to the Telecommunications Act (TKG)? Gerpott waves off. "The right to fast internet is a pure policy showcase topic", Does the expert say. "This will not use anything in practice. Until they have accused that, they are old. This is political clapper with no relevance for the market."

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