“Ghost of tsushima”: new story extension continues the calculation

The action adventure "Ghost of Tsushima" will be extended surprise: One year after the publication, the Sony developer studio Sucker Punch announced new content for the PlayStation Exclusive game, which will be bound in the next Director’s Cut.

The highlight of this Director’s Cut is a new story extension called "The Island Iki", in which protagonist Jin can explore a completely new region. There, in addition to new quests and collective tasks, also wave additional equipment items for Jin and his horse. Also new skills should be unlocked the Samurai.

In addition to the story extension, the Director’s Cut of "Ghost of Tsushima" Especially with technical improvements that are priority on the PlayStation 5. In addition, improved charging times and transformed force feedback for the dualSense controller. The action adventure is intended to specify dynamic 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60 fps after the update.

"Ghost of Tsushima" 100 seconds

PS5-Fang is more expensive

Already last year Sucker Punch had a Next-Gen update for "Ghost of Tsushima" published, with the Director’s Cut, the technology is apparently improved further. On the PS5, intermediate sequences are still rendered in real time, whereby Sucker Punch LipSynchrongation for the Japanese language edition could preserve. There are also both PS4 and PS5 "Improvements of user-friendliness" as well as an extension of the already powerful photo mode.

Sony has no German prizes for the Director’s Cut "Ghost of Tsushima" announced. However, the US blog of Sony can be seen that the Director’s Cut from the 20. August separately at full price (70 US dollars for PS5, 60 for PS4) is sold. who "Ghost of Tsushima" Already has an upgrade: It costs for the PS4 version 20 US dollars, for the PS5-catching 30 US dollars. If you buy the PS4 catch and you liked playing on the PS5, you have to numbers accordingly 10 US dollars. Apparently there will be no possibility to acquire the story extension separately.

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