Germany in merkel-dammerung and schulz enthusiasm

After the PolitBarometer, the SPD picks up to the Union, Martin Schulz is the most popular politician and passes on Merkel

According to the current polit barometer, for the research group elections of 14. To 16. February surveyed on 1200 voters, the SPD Chancellor’s candidate also contributes his party to the top, with "social justice" scorch.

The SPD comes to 30 percent, 6 points more than the last survey, while the Union drops by 2 points to 24 percent. Losses also had to accept the left, which fall to 7 percent, as well as the AFD, which loses a point and falls to 10 percent. Grun wins a point and comes to 9 percent, the FDP remains at 6 percent. Red-red-grune goods so far away from a majority. 44 percent reject R2G, only 30 percent they found good.

Amazing are the good results for Martin Schulz, although Union and media have provided some criticisms from his political career (Schulz’s monument in Wurgelen). That did not hurt him. 49 percent were now directly elected him to Chancellor, if this was, Merkel only 38 percent. Schulz scores at sympathy, "Greater expertise" If strong Merkel is awarded as an intermediary, in the believeness, Merkel lies slightly front. After leaving Steinmeier as a rating, Schulz also leads to the list of key politicians from Kretschmann and Merkel.

The policy of Donald Trump makes 78 percent of the respondents. From Putin this only says 58 percent. During 40 percent no worry about Putin’s politics, it’s just 19 percent at Trump.

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