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Seekoos Curril fight against children’s pornos

The company SEEKOO is definitely a basic German company. Even if the name, which the company boss alleged for 748 euros on the Internet, is a bit custody. And she seems successful too.

According to their own information, their eponymous meta search engine in the month is at least 4.5 million hits. And you find almost everything with Seekoo. Nothing private, instead but official or commercial network sides. And even pornographic websites. For example, enter the term "lolita" very popular in the padophile scene, the first hit shows the following:

Hardcore DVD… Exactly what you are looking for Lolita and Animal Animal Animal Film and Video, Online Download and Post Office, Free Pattern and Free Images and Movies!!!

And this link actually, what he promises criminal. In this case, Google is much more recovering, aming there is only looking for German pages.

This would hardly be worth talking, if seasyoo was not used simultaneously against child pornography at the same time. If you are looking for such things and, for example, enter the term child pornography (or pornography), according to the company chief Edwald Puhl no chance. However, this term is not simply blocked by the search engine through a lock. No, the goods probably too simple. But you get the following note:

We from www.Seaside.DE support in no way illegal actions, so your search term blocked. Your IP address is 84.130.XXX.Xxx and was stored for a short time. In repeated search, we will forward your IP address to our legal department.

And in several times trying, ared Puhl, then allegedly goes to the public prosecutor’s office. Which should be the same, the determined basic tax company unfortunately does not betray. But there is still comic who is looking for the term Anti-Children’s Porno, for example, after initiatives against child abuse, who will definitely see the same warning. And that’s the author of this text now with a FUB already in the prison.

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