German government rejects redress for the volkermord to the herero and nama

German Government rejects redress for the Volkermord to the Herero and Nama

General General of Trotha, the upper-commander of the protective force in German-Sudwestfrica, with its staff during the Herero uprising 1904. Image: German Federal Archive (Figure 183-R27576). License: CC-BY-SA-3.0

Herero-Hauptling Vekuii Rukoro: Without the participation of the Herero and Nama there is no real solution

The Bundestag still did not recognize the German Volkermord to the Herero and Nama during the colonial period. In the meantime, however, two subhars of the Namibian and the German government work. The former CDU member Ruprecht Polenz, who leads the negotiations for the Federal Government, but has excluded that there will be redress. At an international congress on this Volkermord, who hardly considered a few days ago in Berlin – from the German media – took place, the on massive refusal. With Vekuii Rukoro, the Supreme Herero-Haupt, who participated in the Congrobe, Rolf-Henning Repturn.

Chief Rukoro, the German government refused to recognize the Volkermord to the Herero and Nama for more than 25 years, an apology is up to date. But now there is a talk between government officials of both sides of this sensitive topic. See that as an important step waiting for? Vekuii Rukoro: On the one hand, it is a positive step, but the continuing exclusion of the traditional drivers of the offspring of the two ethnic groups to which the commands to the Volkermord aimed directly reduces the importance of negotiations between governments. There will be no truly permanent solution unless the representatives of the victims of the victims are involved. The Namibian government has determined Zedekia Ngavirue, a Herero intellectual and earlier ambassador in Brussel, to the negotiator. Are you dissatisfied with this decision? Vekuii Rukoro: Dr. Ngavirue is basically a government official who is a mandate and on statement of the Namibian government. He does not speak as representatives of the two affected ethnic groups. He does not negotiate with a mandate of us and because of our specifications, that’s a gross difference. You mean, so long Dr. NgAvirue the negotiations for Namibia leads, there will be no positive results? Vekuii Rukoro: That has nothing with dr. NgAvirue to do as a person, but it’s the two governments that trying to reach an agreement under exclusion of those who really are really concerned. That can not bring good results. The German government can now prescribe the Namibian but poor, who brings you to the negotiating table. Vekuii Rukoro: There are a lot of things that the German Government requires others inelectously to the Namib government. She decides when she does and when not. At the moment she has decided that she will pronounce an apology, but that instead of reparation of the Namibian government, it will pay only development aid. This describes the victims in Namibia what they grant and what not. The Federal Government had determined from the beginning to make no recovery. Vekuii Rukoro: Decisive, in our view, is that the German Reich has ied two proclamations that the destruction of two from many ethnic groups to the goal. According to international legal principles and principles of the United Nations, the victims of a Volkermord have a right to be represented and represent themselves. Germany is a Member of the United Nations and should respect these principles.

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