Gdr order color photo: staging with plastic lobster and table grill

Laughing children in front of plate buildings, a self-confident tractorist with red female headscarf and veriferous pies in the GDR interhotel – a new exhibition in German historical museum Berlin shows for the first time exclusive order photography in the GDR. Under the title "Color for the republic" 150 coarse-format images are presented, supplemented by explaining texts and critical comments. On Thursday evening the show should be opened.

The color images of the freelance GDR photographers Martin Schmidt and Kurt Schwarzer were created on behalf of magazines, operations, fairs, GDR mass organizations or for cooking books, allowing project manager Carola Hellig. "We do not show uncommented GDR propaganda", Stresses the collection director for everyday culture. "You can question the pictures, but you can already find it."

Museum leader Alexander Koch supplements: "The trimming of his camera is the picture reporter in the GDR on behalf. Positive and in color he should show the socialist everyday life. Our exhibition reveals this staging." In contrast to the colored figure, DDR daily newspapers printed only black and white photos.

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