Functional programming: the bob conference is looking for presentation and tutorials

Functional programming: The BOB conference is looking for presentation and tutorials

On 26. February 2021 the next edition of the BOB conference will take place – this time is expected purely virtual. The organizers are now looking for presentation and tutorials. The Call for Contributions submitted here is still up to 13. November.

On the other hand, the Keynote spokesman is already firm: Jeremy Gibbons from the University of Oxford stop the lecture "How I Design Programs". Its research activities include programming languages and methods, functional programming, generic programming, object technology, program specification, derivation and transformation.

The focus of the event is programming techniques beyond the mainstream, primarily exercise on topics of functional programming. As examples, the blog post to Call for Contributions offers the following topics:

  • Functional programming
  • Persistent data structures and databases
  • Event-based modeling and architecture
  • Types
  • Formal methods for correct and robust software
  • Abstractions for secondary fatigue and parallelism
  • Meta programming
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Mathematics and programming
  • Controlled page effects
  • Beyond rest and soap
  • Effective abstractions for data analysis
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