Fully in the suv: where our off-road fantasies come from

Now it happened: Even Land Rover has dropped all the mandrels with which they could offer the new Range Rover Offroad customers. On www.Landrover.COM / DE / DE / RR are an age and a current Range Rover opposite. On the left is a box, which even with smaller gases with more rubber on it more ground clearance and better boschungs angle offers opposite the new vehicle right. The comparison picture astonishes every real entail. They want to sell something, or? If I want to sell Angela Merkel, I do not put them directly Danica Patrick against. This can only work with people who do not know where at both front and behind is. The new Range Rover is therefore what German engineers have one "Suff" to name. "Suff" writing "SUV" — An English acronym for "Sports Utility Vehicle". In German, this means: "Giant coil for completely unsuspecting", short "RIFVA". Yes, the new Rangie has air suspension and can lift his wann a bit when he has to. Yes, there is certain clever enthusiasm for it. But how long? Because the Range Rover is not the best luxury country yacht for loose ground, which can build England. They were already stupid. They were spending more money in the development for less clientele.

Critique of pure marketing

Because the clientele buys no can, but a dream, a vague feel. An RIFVA monster allrad combination is objectively a bad vehicle, which combines completely beneficial from pure fashion moldings all the disadvantages of geland vehicles with all the disadvantages of strain vehicles: it ride on the strain, it is inefficient with space and fuel, and in the grandfather it stays in the countryside as a VW up, because it weighs more than a Jupitermond. Who buys something like this must bring a minimum mab to driving idnorance. For most RIFVAS, there is no entertainment gadder, not even in the accessory. Instead, there are expensive placeboes for the strain wheels with the grotesque inscription "Tires". It is only consistent when vehicles like the beautifully designed Evoque with front drive are sold. The adventure call of the RIFVA segment is not of potential, but from pure marketing.

However, this has achieved impressive dimensions of realitate distortion limits that limits to self-hypnosis. Pride the Q3 owner by a puree with three sources in it: he had not made it without four-wheel drive and a chromed plastic-Q on the stern! This Norgler always, they have no idea! That was really hard offroads, the! "Off-road" Not only does the RIFVA customers mean everything with water or shine, but also everything without asphalt, although we have a rough amount of roads in Europe, which without doing. Above in Lapland, for example, the slopes of summer are skilled and winters already rolled. People there drive well hedged Volvo 240. Modifications: a handwinch in the glove compartment and winters a set of spike tires. Or the structurally weak Sicily: All small secondary straws are nobles. There you drive Fiat Panda, best an old one, because it is easier, has more ground clearance and can be repaired with a hammer. Despite this everyday reality, I broke up again with astonishment that the front-wheel drive Evoque is an impressive gravity wagon, because the appropriate writer was able to cross a shovel full of snowmaps, which apparently (I did not know that either) is so difficult, like Drive up the Mount Everest with a patriferous panda. His grounds was that "Terrain response"-System, which works as follows in the FWD: you print a consequential plastic knob and then finds better. It is hopeless.

Journalists in the Suff

You should mean, we wandered at the front of the vehicle. I have the feeling, we know it worse. Perhaps it is due to the ignorance indoctrination of the typical vehicle interpretation: appears numerous to a great new suff, your journalist! We do not say that twice. On site is always a factory konner. I have seen a wonderful image from the RR presentation: Dreadful Journo eyes look at the passenger seat, as the factory off-road connois, the two to three tons heavy gravitational lens over Downs is as if they were an empty cardboard. Boob. Elsewhere, the Konner heads his journal like a Horde of Fublahmer donkey until they master heavy passages themselves and then think they had managed alone. Because deep inside, we all believe that we are only insignificantly bad car as Walter Rohrl, even if we actively drive much worse than Rohrls cat, and whose skill is impacting to the "Terrain response"-Crumple. The Konner won a Ferrari 458 over this Dune. We are usually not even our own fat wanst to Fub druber.

That’s why I do not worry about the sales of the upcoming RIFVAS of Lamborghini or Bentley. A Konner will process us photos. Then we can drive a children’s course, where every Sicilian farmer was repeated us several times. But the farmers do not charge the farmers to the suff, so we soon strain the shoulder-knocking to the bar to write mentally the stories that are always the same and about: "The new Lambobentley is probably mainly driving on the strain, but I’m just free-handy a vertical cliff in sixth gear, because the machine is so unpackable Gerandig. Here is a photo of me on the front passenger seat with frightened eyes." Advertising advertisements can be saved by the manufacturers. Because most misleading advertising really do not make them. But we.

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