From yetis and zebras

From yetis and zebras

Windhoek (Namibia), 6. August 2012 – Armer Yeti: Mercilessly, the gravel rushes to the underbody of the compact SUV. At some distance, the dust cloud of the yeti moving in front of us is visible, which completely holls the car. Apparently endless, the wide rotary tape takes through the gigantic wide namibias. But Skoda has wanted it that way: in just five days, more than 1500 kilometers far from the early German colony.

Germany sometimes

1500 kilometers: That was loose enough to drive from Flensburg to Lake Garda and shows how huge Namibia is. The country at the end of the African continent is more than twice as rough as Germany, but has just 2.2 million inhabitants. Therefore, oncoming traffic is in short supply – to the Gluck, because we have to preserve ourselves with German vehicles in the left-hand traffic. The intestinal day marks of our convoy provide for astotten at German tourist groups, which can not know that the yetis have come by ship to Namibia. The Earling Skoda is officially not sold there. Our funf vehicles are largely with all-wheel drive and 140 hp diesel, a meaningful combination, because between individual gas stations can be significantly higher than 100 kilometers. Only amendments for the series version: Radio device, spare wheel on the roof and a cover plate for the underbody, in particular to protect the tank.

Pit from the Wartenschwein

One of the most important rules you get on the way is: enough to stop, 200 meters and more! After the first kilometers on gravel and rawn tracks we know the reason: the front man whirls so much dust that he is sometimes no longer identify at 300 meters away. And something else requires full attention: In addition to the Strain live all sorts of wildlife from the Straub to the wart pig, which is very little shearing if a Skoda Yeti with 100 stuff. Brake? Forget it. The driving behavior of the Yeti differs up to slightly more influence in the steering wheel not of asphalt, surprisingly comfortable steam the suspension. In order to indulge on the sheer endlessly long straws, our eyes over the stunning landscape. Namibia consists of coarse parts from Waste, which also explains the low population.

Hike in the powder

The gigantic Duns in Namib Naukluft Park shimmer Rotlich in the folding sun. Your special color is based on ore particles in the sand that rust over the centuries. Brave Wools the Yeti with a maximum of 30 km / h through the last meters in the sand to our destination, the driving behavior reminiscent of aquaplaning. To FUB is ahead of one of the highest Dunen. Only 300 meters measures it and requires highest effort. For each step, one sacks in the fine sand, new red crowds trickles immediately. As a reward, a gigantic view waves: the desert extends to the horizon. And she actually has its own smell, which can be described as a Nubich-Herb.

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