From for microsoft’s windows 10x

From for Microsoft's Windows 10x

It was the classic, often pursued by Microsoft, to accommodate the discretion of a product in another news in more of cryptic form and sell the whole as a success in the sense of customer orientation. As part of the envision of the Windows Update of 10. May 2021 (21H1) was incidentally also the project Windows 10X buried.

Integrate into other products

Microsoft admits that after talking to customers and a one-year internal investigation, the product, contrary to the internal planning, no longer involved in the year 2021 on the market. Instead of wanting to develop the Windows 10x technology only for a small group of customers, you have to offer much more people Windows 10x. For this purpose, Microsoft wants to integrate important components of the technology developed for Windows 10x into other parts of Windows and products for companies. The developed development is not lost.

Explicitly mentioned is the new App Container Technique, which Microsoft has already integrated into products such as Microsoft Defender Application Guard and tested with Windows insiders. Also an improved voice typing experience and a modernized touch keyboard with optimized key grooves, sounds, colors and animations are mentioned.

Windows 10x was Microsoft’s approach to provide a set Windows 10 for Low End Details, which was originally called to manage devices with two screens. In the summer of 2020, Microsoft had to be announced that it would not be anything with the own development of the dual-screen Surface Neo in 2020. At the end of the year, you wanted to bring Windows 10x for desktops with just one screen. It was also known that the distribution of this device should be done exclusively via OEMS. In early 2021 there was a demo video, which showed some functions.

At this time as well as in February 2021, however, external observers were still firmly convinced that these tarps for Windows 10x devices will be realized in May 2021. Because from pierced information has become known that Microsoft Management is hiking to a Google Chromebook killer. Windows 10x had put in this strategy after the previous positioning to tackle against the, especially in the US education segment, more and more popular chromebooks with Google’s chromos.

By OEM stopped?

Windows 10x should prefer to use apps from the Microsoft Store, for Win32 applications an emulation was planned. As Chromebook killer on low-ended advice also had the slimmed Windows 10x, compared to Chromeos, a much too coarse resource requirement (Foot Print). It is therefore to be suspected that the OEMs who should produce the devices have refunded thankfully. Apparently, the experiences with Windows RT, Windows Phone and Windows 10s acted as a chain lopped OEM products as a warning. Maybe the entire platform at the scheduled Low Budget hardware was also simply not with reasonable benefits.

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