Freed from the egg…

Freed from the egg...

Munchen, 13. November 2013 – The cold season does not just mean fuel and tires. When the temperatures fall below ten degrees, also a frost-resistant cleaner in the windscreen washer. The selection that offers trade is huge. Which middle of which is recommended has tried the company for technical monitoring (GTU).

frost? no problem

The testers examined the windscreen cleaners for winter conditions in a total of eight single environments. Overall, a candidate could reach 120 points, the chapter "Effect" with 70-way points gets the big weight. This includes "cleaning performance" and "freeze protection". In the latter, there was only one excretion: the remedy of ATR remained about two degrees under the manufacturer. With up to -19.9 degrees, however, this cleaner – cold is only rare in Germany. There were rough differences in the cleaning performance. The test winner of Sonax reached here 50 out of 60 potential points, the two last lights only 15. This is reflected again in the cost of cleaning: the test lersch need half a liter of the finished mixture to get the slice clean. The best remedies come out with 150 to 250 ml.

Practice costs

Once free view costs 18 to 87 cents – it depends on how much consumes the remedy. The price for a liter in the correct mixing of mixing between water and concentrate varies between 0.50 (ALDI) and 2.83 euros (Aral). The losers obediently offered around one euro here to the favorable offers. Since more flows are needed to clean the disc, they are in practice with around 50 cents per cleaning to the expensive test. Also, this is convincing how important a decent cleaning performance is.

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