France: violence in the french trabs’ days

France: Violence in the French Trabs' Days

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Police violence, quarter power and hunger. The state does not manage to supply the worse households with the most significant

There were violations in the French trabonic dates. The list of places where Trouble was reported, becomes very long when you approach different reports. The public interest in this disappears, however, as soon as nothing spectacular is reported. Now it is said that the situation has calmed down again, the forelaway was slightly fantastic, "mine".

Naturally, Minister of the Interior Castanner is due to the fall in the Banlieues, in the Groamask Paris and in the periphery of Toulouse no additional problem. So he did not come to the "smaller riots" At least that’s important, he was important to him to convince the publicity that the republican order was not in danger.

200.000 controls in his Sainte Denis

over 200.000 Police controls have his-Sainte Denis ("93") the "Republican order maintained", More than twice as many as in the national average, clarified Castan. Now that’s exactly what leads to a problem that regularly for pet fabric in the quarters worried. Because the behavior and the procedure of the police is not randomly at the beginning of a chain of events that grow out to riots.

So this time. A motorcyclist was in the night of the 19. April in Villeneuve-La-Garenne (Haut-de-Seine) hard to violate his right leg because he bounced against a sudden-smoked ture of a civilian police car. The representations of the incident differ depending on perspective. For the police, it was an accident in a control that was completely justified from their point of view because the man went too fast, without helmet and he was how media later followed, policies.

"Intentional police power"

When he wanted to pass the vehicle of the civil strap at a red traffic light, the ture was opened. Thereafter, there were first disputes with a group of 50 people who come in the accident site. The man was brought into an intensive care unit by the emergency doctor. From the hospital, he went out a video in which he raised to peace. It looks like he’s going away from lasting damage to his leg.

There is also a different view, which is also mentioned in ordinary media. It goes from an intention of the police officers. The door of the police car, who was not recognizable for the motorcyclist as such, had been explained in great opportunrification to bring him to the abrupt Brake Manobever, who concentrated a fall.

This version can tend to date in view of the many filmed demonstrations of brutal police violence, which were organized in yellow-west protests as well as social protests organized by unions, until the leading media could no longer be able to remove without further ado. Sebastian Roche, Head of the National Research Center CNRS, warned in the light of the systemic developments of the police behavior in the short break "Sud American ratios".

There are also all kinds of experience reports on scandalous behavior of the police in the "Ie". Already for many years.

What was documented in police violence against protesters last year has the experience of many Banlieue residents, as this was to read in numerous reports in 2019. Sometimes that was called as a fundamental, why the inhabitants of the Trabsenstadte concluded solely and purposefully the yellow-west protests.

They became one of them "Stage" Establish that it became the representatives of the executive and the government to make with hard action and to defame the social protests as action violent (which ultimately without the participation of the "the usual suspects" from the quarters was practiced).


For Twitter and Facebook messages to "incident" With the motorcyclist who spread rapidly, the focus was mainly on the behavior of the police (politically from another perspective here), it was the next proof of their supernity state, repressive behavior. This was followed by three loud nights with clashes between the police and residents of various Banlieues.

A video of the website Nantes Revoltee as residents with firecrackers against the police. The website of the website pays Villeneuve-la-Garne, Suresnes, Aulnay-Sous-Bois, Saint-Denis, Meudon, Nanterre, Clichy-Sous-Bois as places where similar should have occurred. Also reported by "revolt urbaines" in Lille, Roubaix, Yvelines, Strasbourg and Toulouse. The Figaro adds Suresnes, Nanterre and Fontenay Sous-Bois.

There are also up-to-date reports of new violent police actions in the Quartier Populaires, What is sometimes translated with lowering appointments in Gennevilliers at Paris.

The whole thing is as always overlaid by a level of political expedition. Interior Minister Castan explained the riots that he did not want to evaluate too high, with the long duration of the outgoing notification as a result of the Corona epidemic.

In the Legal Conservative Figaro, an essayist held him that he drove apologistically and excuse the actions, in reality the violent voyous (Rugs, Gauner) and Caids (Bandenfuhrer) use the opportunity of the extraordinary situation to play their power. This story is paid by Celine Pina, a journalist, which is considered "Islam critic" Profile gave up.

Who looks at a video of firework corporate actions, sees violence that does not come from policemen. Also the attitude towards the overall picture.

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