For very good reason: non-wahler

For very good reason: Non-Wahler

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Our election democracy comes against lobbying and "Civil servant" (Kurt Tucholsky) not to – a comment

Martin Schulz has Chancellor Angela Merkel for a second "TV duel" asked. Because he at the first attempt on the 3. September only has a lukewarm air off, he wanted to try again with heierer. What a jumper. He liked so much "Federal Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany" will. Stupid only that he can not present an argument why you should fulfill this personal career request.

Apparently no one tells him clear enough that that "Government program" his party for nothing but lukewarm air is good. "Time for more justice" Has the SPD written your promises (or threats, depending on the viewer), you dear sky. But what the injustices are, which is currently still tolerated by the SPD government, after the 24. September but consistently eliminated, is not in the jeologically.

The SPD wants z.B. No unconditional basic income that ended all governmental gaits, the thousands of official as well as many "Social policy decisions" to make the burger from the fractional violence and administration. That does not work with one "Workers’ Party", who likes to see every person after a long training and before a long pension in dementia at a defined workplace, at the place of true determination of our species.

Who has a good job is satisfied. And who is satisfied and without existential worries, can focus intensively on the work.

(Election program of the SPD 2017)

Of course, the SPD is not elective with this feudalist rule of reverberation. But the for the first time an-themed party Bundnis Basic Income (BGE) is just as little. For they are only two options: the realistic is that they remain in insignificance, probably far below the 5% hurden.

Be sitting in the Bundestag for years, without unfolding parliamentary effect

But even if it should come to the Bundestag: You can know – Keyword Left – sitting for years, without unfolding parliamentary effect, simply because you can not play the others. Possibility one therefore means that the choice of the covenancy basic income is ineffective. The utopian second variant goods, BGE gains the absolute majority, because finally most voters for the introduction of an unconditional basic income are.

But even then, the covenant did not get this ie to be implemented because the Federal Council, ministries and subordinate administrations did not play. But the much big problem: what happens to all the other topics that require political action in the next four years? Since the Wahler were more than ever a completely unknown troupe, which only promises, "to decide to the best of our knowledge and conscience". Even as a long-term commodity of the basic income, I can not elect the Basic Inventory Party.

With the right to the folk decision, we had the unconditional basic income ratzfatz, but this right refuse us the ruling politicians (and were they available, then only surgery, z.B. with the esteem "Budget reservation" of Parliament). The SPD as a party of justice – also at the time with the green together – has not even created a unconditional baafog, a temporary basic income for anyone who wants to form as and always and that it simply refills the income tax if he (again) ) Money earned (and if that’s never the case: that’s what? It is subsidized far more nonsensical).

With politicians under a mifflocke

Shortly before the election day, the call for elective attempt is very penetrating. And she is increasingly connected to the blame, we burger the work "our" Politician not high enough. Electoral and party critics are attested for them "Politician" Package to anti-Democrats.

Over politicians, only EVER who sits all day with exactly these politicians under a mifflocke!

Yes, it’s fine – if they are material well-thought-out like employed commentators at press and radio, and if they are self-lovely enough to keep their world for the only true, in which they dose exactly as many and chosen problems, like It fits your lifestyle. Then tweet daily for the Freil Deniz Yucels and excited inside his filter bubble and proudly proud of a few AFD cardboard noses that make it so easy to pan the right fade, in the afternoon latte, in front of the sushi, which during the afternoon latte, Vernissage is served.

But who, for example, does not complain about the detention of a personal-unknown journalist in Turkey, but the deportation of a friend from Germany, finds the conclusion in this Country not so big. For what many election callers unfortunately not heard their business for democracy: not the AFD disposed of nice people who have never seen some other than Germany, it is the reigning federal government from CDU, CSU and SPD (and In the execution of the land also the greats have their hands with in the dirty game – the Grunen, who have now written in their election program, they turned "against the numbers-aligned deportation populism of the coalition"To).

The currently 362 Kirchenasyle in Germany spared 558 people protection – not before Gauland and Weithel, Petry and Muthen, but in front of Merkel and Gabriel!

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