For now no blue plaque for clean diesel

For now no blue plaque for clean diesel

For the time being, the Federal Environment Ministry waives the controversial tarpaulin for a marking less environmentally harmful diesel vehicles. "We now put the blue plaque for low nitric oxide emissions," said Environmental State Cretar Jochen Flasbarth the newspapers of Funke media group. A working group of the Minister of Transportation will develop alternative proposals by autumn. This is waiting for this. "We are open for alternatives," Stressed Flasbarth.

The blue plaque should receive modern diesel vehicles with a low pollutant outlet after the previous ideas of the Minister of Environment Barbara Hendricks (SPD). In this way, the municipalities should be allowed to adopt local driving bans in particularly burdened areas without the plaque.

The project roves resistance in the CSU-wanted Federal Ministry of Transport. Department Chief Alexander Dobindt represents the sake, it is more effective to take on vehicles that are steady in city traffic, such as taxis, buses or behaughets vehicles.

Regardless of the turning on the critics, State Secretar Flasbarth was now involved that it was necessary to reduce exhaust gases. It goes "not a fetch of environmental protectioners", but about the health of people in the inner states. "At least 400.000 people in Germany are directly affected because they live on busy threads."In about 80 German bads, the limits for nitrogen dioxide were currently exceeded.

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