For good adhesion: surface preparation with cold plasma

For good adhesion: Surface preparation with cold plasma

Glue, paint and 3D printing is only successful if the involved materials stick well. Again and again, however, there are problematic combinations that are difficult to connect. As an example, only the 3D printing is called ABS filaments. Since ABS is highly expanded or shrinking, the adhesion is difficult during prere on the printing plate. The result: Warping, so the removal of the object from the prere bed during the printing operation.

A treatment of the print bed surface can help: with a cold plasma (ionized gas) generated by high voltage (ionized gas), energy is applied to the surface, which increases liability in many cases.

Such a treatment is possible with the plasma handgered PZ3 by relyon plasma surgery: The small device works with air as working gas. A piezo transformer generates the required high voltage, with the help of which the air is ionized and thus becomes a plasma. The PZ3 only has to be guided on the corresponding surface and activates it. The performance of the Gerat is liable to reduce up to 40 percent for sensitive surfaces.

For good adhesion: Surface preparation with cold plasma

The plasma is generated at PZ3 with high voltage from air.

The device set in the sturdy plastic case for the price of 2400 euros are located outside a plug-in power supply still two changeable modules, each of the electrically conductive and non-conductive surfaces. On request, the manufacturer also offers loaners available.

Operation takes place via pushbuttons, a color display shows the settings.

For good adhesion: Surface preparation with cold plasma

The color display shows, among other things, the set performance and the stopwatch.

In the case of experiments in the editors, the warping of ABS could be significantly reduced. However, it also showed that for the work with the PZ3 a triggering device is urgently recommended, which sucks the ozone created in coarse amount still in the course of the Gerat.

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