For each department a separate amazon software catalog

For each department a separate Amazon software catalog

Kunftig can create businesses several own AWS Marketplace. This is a curated software catalog for cloud applications, which are always set up to the user with the user. However, costs for software and hosting at Amazon are, however, – therefore and for reasons of compliance can offer your employees a previously set selection.

However, do not use the same governance rules for all departments of a company. The ADMIN portal of the Marketplace can now be set up groups that summarize AWS accounts. Baptized Amazon has this function experience. The responsible person exists on a search function the desired software packages and configurations and turns them free with one click. The applications are always available to the assigned users. Optionally, it is allowed to look for wishes.

Companies can make their own branding each Marketplace. Find instructions for setting up AWS administrators in the Amazon blog. From local data centers, Marketplace software has been acquiring since 2015 to set up own catalogs since 2018. Competitors such as Azure or Google’s Cloud Platform also offer such an environment for third party providers, Microsoft works on a comparable company-internal variant.

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