First cloned primate embryos generated

US scientists were able to produce for the first time from body cells of adult primates Embyros for planting, which could give the debate about the cloning of people again

At the beginning of the year, American scientists from the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center can first report to have generated a genuine primacy. Now, at this research institute under the direction of Don Wolf, a premiere achieved again and could clon the first primate embryos with the core of body cells. While the clone tests are to be created primates as animal models for medical research, however, this first success was also the cloning of people nearby. Zavos, who works together with Antinori, said once again that probably the first human knons were generated this year.

The transgenic Rhesusaffch named Andi – as "Pioneer" Get the first experimental animals still names, in which case the word DNA was simply taken on the other hand and I (Inserted) added – had only an additional gene that serves as a marker. The gene encodes the grun-fluorescent protein (GFP) originating from jellyfish. But the production of Andi was a complicated process. From 224 genitistered eggs could be produced after fertilization 40 embryos. This resulted in 5 successful pregnancies. In addition to two dead births, three monks came up to the world, but the gene change could only be demonstrated by Andi.

In 1997, the first cloned monkeys from embryo cells were created at this research institute. In 1999, scientists at the center had first cloned monkeys through a new process (new cloning with monkeys). From the cells of a chimpanzeneembryo, up to four genetically identical monkeys could be produced, which for the production of "Models" For diseases and therapies in people is interesting. 13 The part of the two, three or four cells partembryos used one in monkey female. Four females became pregnant, but only one of the fans surprising.

Now the scientists seem like the Sunday Times of 28. 10. reported to be successful for the first time the cloning of primate embryos from body cells of an adult Rhesusaffchen. Since the cloning of the sheep Dolly, this procedure was tried with many suction animals. Although the efficiency of the procedure has been improved, cloning has proven to be a difficult process. Even if they are indeed cloned animals come to the world, they are mostly ill and overhanged roughly. The Los Syndrome (Large Offpring Syndrome) is made responsible for many of these often deadly abnormitations (epigenetic changes are responsible for malformations at cloning). The problem is likely that the IGF2R gene is not methylated in the overgrown animals, while there are methylated state during normal fates. The methylation of genes that have to do with the genetic prage is thus assigned whether they are inactive or expressed. Due to the high malformation rate, scientists warn you want to cloned people, as this the Italian doctor Antinori or the Rael sect want to make inquiries. However, it is by no means certain that the malformations go to IGFR2 genes alone.

But in summer, scientists reported Duke University, that at primates and people the risks to develop the lot syndrome low or not available. Almost all the suction animals have only an active version of the IGF2R gene, while the other gene is methylated by the genetic check and thereby turned off. For people and other primates, however, both genes are active, which is why scientists, but no ubergrobes pile growth should be expected when people are cloned. An indication is that the lot syndrome also occurs in suction animals produced by in vitro fertilization, but has not yet been observed in humans, but have not yet been observed (people are easier than most suction animals).

And I

However, the cloned embryos have not yet been implanted in replacement nut. "We worked with somatic cells and are the conviction", So wolf opposite the Sunday Times, "that the success is right in front of us, as the cloned embryos generated from them grow well in vitro." When the embryos are implanted, is not yet known as it is very difficult to predict when the monkey female are exactly in the appropriate stage of the ostrogen cycle. Whether not similar problems arise as other closed suction animals must first show.

The aim of clone research on primates is the generation of genetically identical laboratory animals for medical purposes. "There is such a requirement according to genetically identical monkeys, for example in the development of AIDS vaccines", Wolf said, "that we have to go further quickly." According to the occurrence of cloning, the production of cloned embryos made of body cells did not succeed, which are grown so far that they can be used. So far, however, the production of cloned primates is still very expensive. After Forbes, a cloned monkey 300 became.000 US dollars cost, but a cloned mouse, on the other hand, between 150 and 200 US dollars.

The use of primates, which us to relatives as an animal models is, of course, not only from economic reasons very controversial. Gerald shadow from the Oregon Regional Primate Research Center wants to disperse such concerns, since with genuarved monkeys who are more like a mouse of humans, fewer animals for research. "We were not wanted to make a monkey who has a disease without we know that there is a treatment right in front of us. Our goal is not to make sick monkeys. Our goal is to eradicate diseases." The monkeys will not be happy.

Don Wolf anyway leans the cloning of people (still?) Strict from: "On the basis of the probable results, it is laughable to continue with the cloning of people. That’s completely irresponsible." Only at the beginning of October, Panayiotis Zavos, who works with Antinori, was once again confused that the first cloned people could emerge until the end of this year, as research are progressing faster than expected. The ban in many countries, people to clone, Konne scientists do not stop who do not want to create Ladins and no genetic doubles adult people, but allegedly wanted to help cloning only infertile manners who otherwise can not have children with their genes. Allegedly, Muammar El Gaddafi Antinori has been invited to perform his research in Lybia (after the Kalashnikov is the clone). Antinori had announced in the summer, already wanted to start cloning people in November (200 couples want a clone child). Clonaid, the first cloning company of real sect, is of course more in mind and promises eternity.

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