Fiber furs buro: new micro switch series of cisco

Fiber Furs Buro: New Micro Switch Series of Cisco

Cisco has introduced a new series of his Catalyst Switch series, called Micro Switches. They are intended for use in Fiber-to-the-Office, or fiber-to-the-desktop environments. An interesting step, as many companies do not fall into this variant of workplace connection due to the needed power supply for components such as IP phones and access points, but also by increasing the final device in combination with rising wireless data rates and increased efficiency through WiFi6 in many cases to consider. Cisco calls hospitalizers and smart buildings.

To start the three models CMICR-4PS, CMICR-4PC and CMICR-4PT appear. The CMICR-4PS and the CMICR-4PC have four 1G downlink / access ports and differ in terms of data sheet in the uplink ports. CMICR-4PS has two 1G-SFP ports and the CMICR-4PC offers a 1G copper uplink next to a 1G-SFP uplink. SFP + FURS 10G and multi-gigabit downlink ports does not look at Cisco. Both switches support on the access ports twice poe + or four times poie. The power source is an AC / DC power supply to use.

Loading smartphone on the switch

The CMICR-4PT can also be its tension from 802.Obtain 3BT-compatible copper ports of the uplink. In addition to the power supply for IP-terminates, it still provides two USB-C interfaces, for example for loading mobile terminates. All three switches come out without air. For the CMICR-4PS and the CMICR-4PC, next to the wall mounting still optional DIN rail adapters are ready, the CMICR-4PT is intended as a desktop variant. The mab of the first two switches are 4.55 × 9.0 × 7.88 cm, the latter claimed 4.5 × 15.24 × 13.45 cm.

Software side the equipment preserves the stripped LAN lite variant of the Cisco-iOS operating system, not the more recent IOS-XE. To manage and distribute a rough number of switches, the devices with Ciscos Controller DNA Center and the Management Environment Prime Infrastructure including the so-called PNP function (Network Plug and Play) can be administered for Zero-Touch deployments. As features include LLDP-MED, LACP, SNMPV3, 802.1x, Tacacs + and Radius, as well as QoS with four outgoing queues available. In addition, 64 VLANs can be parameterized. The Mac address table comprises up to 8192 entries. The switches also supported line-rate forwarding.

For the price and availability in Germany, Cisco does not yet provide information. All specifications of the three devices can be found in the data sheet.

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