Fear of ethnic religious conflicts in france

Boss of "Gang of the barbarians" Was arrested, meanwhile, one goes from anti-Semitic motivation of the brutal hostage taking

On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, the Kriminalpolizei of the West African State Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Custe) was the mutual boss of the "Gang of the barbarians", Youssouf Fofana, arresting (Spectacular murder at Paris). The probable group guru and instigator of the suburban course, which had remunerated the young French Jews Ilan Halimi, had held and tortured, had settled in the previous week in the country of origin of his parents. His escape attempt was thwarted, since the resistances of the Côte d’Ivoire – despite existing intergovernmental tensions – cooperated properly with France in this question.

Fofana was taken up in a lowered quarter of the Ivarian Economet Abidshan and surround the two investigators of the French criminal police, which have been on Monday evening in the West African country. "In the next hours", So the French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, with his jerking to France is expected. His statement is given capital meaning for this, the exact background and motives of the act to be denied.

The French State President Jacques Chirac will take part on Thursday evening at the commemorative ceremony for Ilan Halimi, which takes place in the Grande Synagogue de la Victoire, the large Judian church of the capital of the capital, in Paris. This will give the ceremony "national character", As the public radio station Radio France Info formulated. At the same time, the Parisian suburb of Bagnux, where Ilan Halimi was held in a high-rise apartment and later in the heating cellar of the same building, a silence.

Meanwhile, the mobilization for the demonstration continues on Sunday afternoon. In the meantime, numerous associations (anti-racist groups or the one to be eligible for the Dreyfus affairs "League for human rights") as well as political parties – the conservative governing party UMP, the Social Democrats and the Communist Party -. The Central Council of the French Jews, CRIF, also calls for participation from the beginning.

French official places and the media now speak unpathed by anti-Semitic motivation of the act. Incoming they had considerably behavior in this regard. This had several reason: First, it had several times in young people "false alarm" given on deeds with supposed anti-Semitic background, but then turned out as fenced. Especially remembered is the "Affare of the (suburban access) RER D" from July 2004, in which a young woman indicated, attacked and violated from anti-Semitic motifs. The person concerned, however, was a (not judiciary) mythomania and had the attention to himself as a kind of riding board driver.

Second, the resistances had premiered, the "intermunitism" To accumulate tension between population groups. For this purpose, the creation contributed to unintentionally unintentional solidarity effects, if from the beginning "too clear" on the – with purely criminal motifs – anti-Judic background of the act. The general horror, which has spread since the last weekend, but has turned this excavation in the meantime in the background.

Furthermore, the fear was an increase "ethnic-religious" Motivated tensions but also associated with events of last Sunday, for the first time the Le Monde reported in their Thursday edition of more detailed. On the edge of the silent in the eastern Parisian center, on the last Sunday between 1.000 and 2.000 people participated, young perspearers of right-wing extremists had Judian movements – the "Judian defense league" (LDJ), the offshoot of the racist kach movement – racist in the US and Israel). They had the expenses "arab" Managed and a black passers-by thanks to the straws hunted.

In her eyes, the murder of the "Gang of the barbarians" The following component: "Young Arabs and blacks have killed a Jew." In reality, the corridor was "ethnically mixed" and pointed members of different skin color and origin – from Frenchman of West African and Maghrebinean descent to «sowing» French-Christian origin – as this is in many suburban bands. There is no cause context between the "ethnic" Origin of individual gear members and the crime, as well as no connection to the riots in the French Banlieues of November 2005. In Bagneux, where Ilan Halimi had been caught, it was absolutely "quiet" remained.

The publications of the Judian community in France are dedicated to Gross parts of the Murder Faffare Ilan Halimi on this Thursday. The weekly Actualite Jive Ubertitelt their edition of 23. February: "Anti-Semitic Barbare: Our child murdered." The organizations of the Judian communities are all the more shaked as the mother Ilan Halimis works at the reception in the Judian community center Rachi in the Paris Rue Broca, where both the Central Council CRIF and the Judian Social Fund FSJU are housed. While the whole duration of the deployment Ilan Halimis, before this was found close to the penultimate Monday, the death, the mother of her surroundings could not tell a word about the drama: the police had asked them for absolute silence to impede the investigation. At this time you still believed that "Gang of the barbarians" Be negotiations accessible and commit at least (purpose) rational enough not to torture your hostage and to death.

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