Failure nuclear power plants

Failure nuclear power plants

While in the east of Canada and in the most populous northeast of the US, the temperatures are below the long-term average, the opposite is the case in the southeast of the USA. The result is a particularly violent in temperature, which creates ideal conditions for a full-grown winter storm with a lot of snow. Image: Climate Reanalyser

The energy and climate weekend: of new Burocratic horses, icy winter stems, aging nuclear power plants and the Bangladesh electrification

The Federal Government plans as reported several times, the demand of renewable energy operators largely switch to tenders, a procedure criticized by many in the industry. Today, the Federal Cabinet will launch a first regulation for solar parks. It’s all about a pilot procedure that concerns coarse solar systems on free flat.

The association of German machine and plant construction VDMA is guards more planning security from this occasion. You miss "Reliable conditions to plan and secure new power plant projects and plant parks meaningfully", Does Gerd Warrior, Deputy Managing Director of the VDMA Fachverband Power Systems in the (VDMA Power Systems). Warrior can be the "System change", As he calls it, also to win positive pages, but has already made bad experiences: "But we also saw in other stores that a poorly made tendering system can avoid a good development."

Keep effort low

The association points out that today’s ordinance will be the template for more, which also affect the wind energy sector. Accordingly, four requirements for these tendering regulations are formulated: First, the expansion goals fixed in the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) had to be achieved. Secondly, the tendering procedure requires the introduction of innovative technologies and do not have the current electricity costs in view of thirst. Third, specific peculiarities of different technologies had to be considered. And finally held a fourth of the burocratic effort low, "so that small stakeholders like those characteristic in Germany can continue to engage".

Failure nuclear power plants

The satellite reception of NASA shows a developing storm at the Eastern Custe of the USA.

Something’s brewing. The Ostkuste of the USA will, as reported in the next few days, hit by a mighty snowstorm. Blizzard warnings were on Tuesday of New Jersey, so sad from New York City, along the Kuste to the Canadian border. A part of the Kuste was also warned against storm surgery.

AKW separated from the mains

Massachusetts and New Jersey are reported by electricity failure. Several 10.000 people were affected. In Massachusetts, the AKW Pilgrim had to be switched off because its connections to the network were capped through the storm. The contribution of the Boston Globe is silent about how it is ordered for emergency cooling, but quotes a speaker of the operator, which compares the incident with a similar 2013.

At that time, a heavy snowstorm had cut off the Meiler from the net. Obviously, you have not yet come up with the idea of using weather-proof earth cables. The reactor had to be cooled in 2013 with the help of diesel generators, after all for four days (the AKW and the snowstorm. Since you can only hope that there are enough advice in the system or at least the straws quickly become passable again, so taglaster come through.

The orkane low is powered by the warm water of the North Atlantic, that the lower air layers expand and boosts with water vapor, and on the other side of the rough temperature ranges over wide parts of North America. Both are the second graph to be taken out well.

The Kuste around New York City was recently 2012 by Tropensturm "Sandy" stapled, who led to serious excess floods. It will certainly not be that bad, but the city has begun for stronger storms and floods since 2013 (climate change: New York City adapts to).

Discriminated AKW operator

A small correction at the yesterday published news about Sweden’s atomic policy: There we wrote from the disagreements between the in Stockholm grunges and social democrats in the question of how to deal with the oldest nuclear power plants of the country. A reader referred to a contribution of the news agency Bloomberg from the fall of last year. Accordingly, the Swedish Grunen argue that the four old OKW can be shut down on the administrative way. A majority in the parliament were not by grades.

The lever was in the security requirements. Grununen want all reactors sufficiently redundant emergency cooling, as they are proposed by the reactor safety cases. In addition, the environmental policies want to know safety standards, as defined by Vattenfall for new buildings, also applied to old plants.

Failure nuclear power plants

There are currently 439 reactors worldwide, whose average age is increasing rapidly. The oldest are already 46 years in operation, 73 for 40 years or more. Increasing material barrier makes unfalle more and more likely. Image: Iaea

The significant investments associated with it could make the operation of the old reactors unprocessed because they can hardly run long enough to replay these costs. On the other hand, the material barrier, which is caused by decades of ionizing radiation in the interior of the reactors. Accordingly, Bloomberg cited Corporate spokesman "discriminated" and demand equal treatment with other energy carriers.

Methusal Atomic Violer

The reactors Ringhals 1 and 2 as well as Oskarshamn 1 and 2 went all between 1971 and 1974 in operation and usually a few months later on the net. Bloomberg writes of maturities started between 1972 and 1976. The two reactors in Oskarshamn obvious the German E.On-Group, who, as reported, is precisely involved, to break out its coal and nuclear power plants in a kind of bad bank.

The specialist information service IWR reported at the beginning of January – also a reading note – from a new study from the Gobritain, which holds the dwaring AKW fleet for a risk for a safe and continuous power supply. Last year, it came to 20 unforeseen.

In the neighbor Belgium you have found numerous hairline cracks in recent years to the reactor prere washers of several Meiler. In the end of November, it had come to an explosion on the landing of the Tihange power plant, leading to the shutdown of another reactor. At times, this winter FUF was the total of seven Belgian reactors auber operation and owner Electrabel has only been moved last week the resumption of Tihange 2 and Doel 3 for another three months in the summer. The two reactors are still quiet since Marz 2014.

Solar electrification

And last but not least, the good news of the week: 3.5 million households in Bangladesh who previously had no or very limited access to electrical energy, have a so-called solar home system. Solar panel and battery ensure that in these households now also read, learned and worked and the access to the Internet and the radio media is considerably simplified. Also pumps for the garment of the fields are now often operated with solar power.

Many Dorfers are not connected to the public network in the developing country (gross national income 2013: $ 900 per capita), but even for those with network access, the solar power has a significant advantage: in view of the frequent trap in the network, it is much more reliable. Currently come 50 months.000 to 60.000 households added. Also, the construction of local networks, which are to be used primarily of the garbage and are fed with solar power, is driven forward.

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