Experience: canon eos 7d in practice

Experience: Canon EOS 7D in practice

Sealing art: The EOS 7D was elaborately sealed against dust and splashing water.

Nikon and Canon repeatedly make reports of existing model series in the standard race. Canon was so far with four or. Funf cameracks already sited well: from the entry-level model (EOS 1000D for approx. 360 euros) about the amateur league (450d for 490 euros and the 500d for approx. 630 euros) on the semi-professional "Double-digit" (50d, 800 to 900 euros) to the absolute professional cameras (1D, 1DS, 4500 to Uber 6000 Euro). In between, the EOS 5D has been playing for several years now in the form of the successor 5D Mkii, a special role: with full small picture format (sensor groove 36 x 24 mm) and a for ambitious and prank-enrolled amateurs Still affordable price by 2050 Euro she works almost a class for themselves.

Experience: Canon EOS 7D in practice

Front views of the EOS 7D (left) and EOS 5D MKII on the right with the respective (upscale) kit lenses

Apart from the price regions, there is a striking distinguishing feature between the groups: the housing groove! The entry-level and amateur models are emphasized small (as far as it is technically possible), and thus easier and more compact, but also unpleasant (at least for coarse manner paws) and with less mass carrying-"Image stabilization". The middle and upper class has "normal grab" Hause, but also brings with the volume neat weight (near the 1-kilo class), while the little ones are satisfied with the three-digit numbers more satisfied with the half (each without lens and battery). This also accomplishes certain inner values, especially the viewfinder qualitat (see below). In this regard, the 7D opens closely to the professional 5D MK II.

A class for itself: the EOS 7D

Anyway, it was surprisingly surprising when Canon launched a camera with the label EOS 7D in October (2009), which does not fit in none of the previous five schemes. Price approx. 1400 euros, crop factor 1.6, tremendous 18 megapixel resolution, otherwise professional-class equipment. She pushes between the 5D MKII and the 50D and can not be considered as a clear successor to one of these two. Behind it is a special approach that Canon describes in a PDF document: you wanted to make a basic new camera for the wishes of photographers.

Experience: Canon EOS 7D in practice

The back views of the EOS 7D and 5D MKII differ in some remarkable details

Apart from the labels, there are a few distinguishing features between the EOS 7D and the 5D MKII. The 5D is missing the button with the flash icon – it has no built-in flash, but relies on professional accessories. That the prism stool nevertheless appears powerful, lies on the coarse recording and mat slice format.

In the grip of the 7D (left) you can see a dark oval, the infrared sensor for the remote control RC1 or RC5. At the 5D MKII one recognizes the sensor on the straight flat of the camera house in addition to the grip bead. Rotlich underneath the signal lamp of the self-commodity. At the 7d above in the woman a luminaire for the same purpose, the "Preamble" reduce the red-eye effect.

I noticed the particularly subtle mirror and closure noise. The controls (Knopfe and Settle) were increased, a desire of photographers who have to work with gloves. Also the special seal against environmental influence is emphasized. In this time very strict winter I came up with cotton finger gloves in any case well well.

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