Exchange is accused of accused

Exchange is accused of accused

The attempt by Uber, American agencies with a manipulation of his app to reinstate, could have a legal aftermath for the driving service agent. The US Department of Justice calls the case, even if the investigation was still in a fresh stage, reported New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal In the night of Friday (5. May 2017). In the case of information about using the so-called Greyball software have been demanded.

With the program, the display of the app for alleged authorities faithfully fell in Stadten, where the driving service for applicable call rules. Overturned there tours, to which the driving service was not authorized. In order to carry out inspectors, it is obvious to book such illegal trips to catch over on fresh act. In the software, among other things, the burday locations of the state resistant were fed. She made sure that there was a predatory display with fictitious vehicles in the app, which could not be booked. So it had to look like the inspectors as if it was considered the rides of the journey.

Already in Marz 2017, the New York Times The software tricks of Uber. Already at that time it was suspected that Greyball could bring legal problems. About declared afterwards, the software should no longer be used against authorities. She had been developed to protect the riders from unconscious, aggressive persons. I’ve deleted customers from the list because they had threatened drivers or refused the payment, Konne Grayball prevent this group of people from still booking over rides.

The driving service mediator has been getting in negative headlines for months. After enthusiasts of a software developer, it is called internally whether the corporate culture is women-tiny and discriminatory. Coarse and boss Travis Kalanick had to act promise to act in adults after being filmed in a word battle with a uber driver who was filmed about the poor payment complaining. The Google company Waymo raises the use of stolen technology for autonomous cars over the court. Added to this are the ongoing billions of losses that pay over for rapid international growth.

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