Excessed underrun protection

Munchen, 11. December 2012 – A rear-end collision on a truck with entrepreneurs of the truck tail is one of the most dangerous situations for car occupants – according to ADAC accident research die in this way in Germany or 400 are seriously injured. In order to reduce this number, a new underrun protection was required by the EU in 2006 by the EU. Already at that time, the ADAC reinforced concerns and later showed a crash test that a subcassing protection manufactured after this provision is largely useless. Now the basis of the EU Directive (UN / ECE Regulation 58) should be carried out. In order to convince the decision-makers, Adac Viceprasident Thomas Burkhardt today showed MEPs of the EU Parliament in Strabburg, how an effective construction could look like. It shows that for an additional investment of just 100 euros per vehicle, the death truck hatch could be detected.

A crash test has demonstrated the unemployment

In the 2006 crash test, the ADAC has shown that the currently prescribed systems simply break away during impact. The connection of the system to the truck frame is too weak, the car slips far below the trucks. The moment the airbags are most inheriting the most significant, it prints the circuit wall of the truck – you can not develop your protective effect. The passenger compartment is completely destroyed up to the rear goals.

In a second crash test with the device improved by the ADAC, the simulated accident goes much more likely. The underrun protection stabilized by shaking struts takes off the impact of the impact – the power of the car is faired to its task. The car does not slip under the trucks and the airbags can protect the occupants. The on-board wall of the truck does not touch the passenger compartment. The injuries were – if present – not life-threatening. Costs became the optimization around 100 euros per truck.

Cheap remedy is easy

According to ADAC, the following must be reached in the new UN / ECE Regulation and in the departure in the EU Directive: First, the static prouflasts had to be significantly increased for the inclusion of underride protection systems and are applied to three points, secondly, the permissible mounting height to 550 to 450 millimeters are reduced and thirdly the system had to be attached much more to the on-board wall of the truck.

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