Even against particularly auxiliary exercising flights, helpfulness is low

Even against particularly auxiliary exercising flights, helpfulness is low

A Syrian escape family arrives at the airport in Lisbon, after the request for resettlement of Portugal was adopted in December 2018. Image: UNHCR / JOSE Antonio de Oliveira Ventura

Only 5 percent of UNHCR for the resettlement are recorded, half of them are children

Many people who flee or expelled from war, persecution or disasters or from their homeland are looking elsewhere or in neighboring. There they often live and sometimes many years, because the neighboring countries themselves are usually poor, long in provisional camps, in poverty, without working without being able to send the children in schools and often without prospect of a life in. For the children, life in the Emergencyentian temporary often meets no futures, for the region that the a conflict prevails the next. Asylum is only a few waited.

In addition to asylum, which is only a fraction of escape strikes, the permanent resettlement offers in one for admission third country (resettlement), a chance to build a new life in peace and safety. The resettlement of particularly low-cost escalators is offered by the UNHCR, the fleet of the United National. It elects the particularly protection exercise. The recordingers who have a permanent settlement and integration, decide on their criteria over the recording, so they do so according to their own horsed. For example, quota quotas for escapeons from certain countries are offered, which wants to relieve their neighboring countries. There is no right to resettlement, which is why this form of humanitarian help is also criticized.

Most of the resettlement sites, the US, Canada and Australia are available, but hardly people asylum. Overall, only 29 Landers have a resettlement program. Since 2012, there is also a resettlement program in Germany as in other European countries. Overall, almost 3,000 people were relocated between 2012 and 2017, the proportion of children, women and ages is significantly higher than the asylum applications. The recorded received at first a right of residence of three years, which can be requested. After 5 years, a permanent right of residence can be maintained.

Resettlement is an international instrument for solution long-lasting escapements. It should provide enclosed protection if your life, your freedom, security, health and other fun-friendly rights in the states you have already fled – in the so-called first-time-fountain states, continue to danger. If the lasting whereabouts does not appear reasonable there.


From UNHCR were considered in 2018 by 1.2 million escapeons as particularly protective. Half a million people from Africa, especially from the Congo, from Eritrea and Somalia, followed by 300.000 people from Europe, almost exclusively Syrian escapeons found in Turkey Refuge, 280.000 from the Middle East and North Africa, 100.000 from Asia and the Pacific region, hardly any people from America.

But the roughness of people who are in need and for the time being can not return to their homeland, is not particularly pronounced. In the short break, UNHCR pointed out that not even 5 percent of the escape lies in 2018 considered particularly protective wealthy could be relocated. That’s 55.684 people, 52 percent are children or. 49 percent are women and girls, especially people from Syria, the Congo, Eritrea and Afghanistan. 28 percent were selected by the UNHCR for legal and body protection, 27 percent are supervised by violence and torture, 20 percent because they have no view of another sustainable solution.

Less than 1 percent of the escape cars supervised by UNHCR are relocated. UNCHR ames that the number of particular protection exercise will increase in 2019: "Treasury-based investment in 2019 1.4 million escapears in 65 recording here worldwide resettlement. Syrian escape, which was currently included in countries of the Middle East and Turkey (43 percent), have a significant need for resettlement. High need have escape lines in asylum and transitlanders along the central Mediterranean route (22 percent), which is currently still demanding too high victim numbers."

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