Eu funds for akw hinkley point: “blatant wrong decision”

Austria wants to complain to the European Court of Justice; On the other hand, France’s economy minister is pleased with the decision

The Easter Government prepares a lawsuit at the European Court of Justice against yesteryear Commission decision, which provides for the British AKW Hinkley Point EU aid of € 17 billion in taxpayers (EU Commission relies on atomic energy). The AKW new construction project is a negative principle, "Because guaranteed feed-in tariffs were previously reserved renewable forms of energy", Argue Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPO) and Vice-Chancellor Reinhold Mitterlehner (OVP). You will not accept that.

"Nuclear power is not a sustainable form of energy, it is a technology sophisticated for decades, and it is not an option to get climate change", Quotes the standard the top of the coalition; Environment Minister Andra Rupprechter (OVP) described the decision of the EU Commission as "Blatant wrong decision".

Unlike the German Commissioner Oettinger, so far stated for energy and a proven opponent of feed-in tariffs for renewable, the Easter Rich regional commissioner Johannes Hahn (OVP) voted against the decision for the AKW aid.

In France, the new Minister of Economics Emmanuel Macron was pleased on the Commission’s decision, which the AKW operator over a period of 35 years "Stable revenue ensured".

Exactly this warranty had always demanded the ELECTRICATE company EDF connected to the French state. EDF is, together with Areva and two two Chinese companies, the contractor of the British government for the construction of Hinkley Point C.

This Decision Treaties the competitive strength of EPR technology developed by AREVA was Macron in its opinion. When it comes to profitableness, the EPR reactors have so far from a miserable side. Construction times and construction costs for the AREVA reactors in France, Finland and China make themselves talking about all things with considerable cost-intensive overruns.

The idea that the vote of the EU Commission was borne by other reasons as the economy and to explain about lobby support is involved. The decision should be very shortened, reports the mirror, a voice had given the rash.

Jochen Stay, Speaker of Anti-Atom Organization, .broadcast, recognizes the German EU Commissioner Oettinger "Zunglein on the scales". Since Oettinger’s approval certainly happened in close coordination with the German government, be "Angela Merkel and Sigmar Gabriel directly responsible for the new construction of AKW in Europe", Consequently, Stay and asks the question, "which atompolitan surprises in this country are still threatening".

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