Environmental protection warning against hydrogen by nuclear power

The production of hydrogen could also be demanded with approval of the Federal Government in the EU when generated by nuclear power. In the opinion of the federal government for the Environment and Nature Conservation Germany (Federation), the government’s strategy indicates in its current EU Council Prosident. Thus, the grune and sustainable hydrogen industry in the approach to fail.

"Germany has gone out of the nuclear energy for good reason. The energy source is not safe and sustainable, but dangerous, health and environmentally harmful", said the Deputy Confederation Chairman Verena Graichen. Germany Muses to reduce its future need of hydrogen, rather than demanding nuclear power and natural gas through the backturn.

Germany vs. France

On this subject, the Federal Government responded in July of this year to a request of the Green Bundestag MEPs Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, depending on how artistic certification systems of the European hydrogen strategy look, CONNE with nuclear power produced hydrogen conceptual as "Low-Carbon Electricity-Based" are valid. What this means for the demand at EU level is currently still open. The federal government will use for hydrogen from nuclear power to be required. This is in contrast to France, which also wants to put on nuclear power for the electrolysis of hydrogen.

The European Commission had emphasized by a spokeswer a week ago in the EU Parliament, considering it from nuclear power generated hydrogen as a CO2 arm. In the Commission’s hydrogen strategy, nuclear power is not the speech. The Confederation is now insisting, but there is already hydrogen, which is obtained mainly from natural gas. However, this fossil, so-called blue hydrogen is not a suitable energy source for a climate-neutral energy system. The use of hydrogen should not be discredited by the fact that they use natural gas and atom to the energy sources of the past.

About the requirement of hydrogen production is currently advised in the committee of the constant representatives of the Member States (ASTV) of the EU Council. He prepares the work of the Council of the European Union. For mid-December, a final text is expected.

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