Energy transition requires new demonstrations

The conservatory luxury of the 1970s and 1980s was also a consequence of the nuclear power flow

The Bavarian Environment Minister Marcel Huber wants to exit the atomic energy the hydropower as "CO2-neutral, basic load-proof and permanently available renewable energy source" remove. For this he wants a ten-point timetable and one "Residence" present for an expansion of this form form, which by his words "make an important stabilizing contribution to compensating for the discontinue of the other OKO energies". Because wind is only shinging sometimes, the sun seems even ideally only in the day and gas from Russia comes only then through the direction when it is not needed there.

In order to fail in long cold winters of the current, even if the now running nuclear power plants are switched off, Huber wants to invest in the expansion of the networks and in the storage of volatile energies. In addition to the exploration of chemical long-term storage, this also concerns the already economically usable pumping storage technology, for which the Ministry of the Environment 2012 is unavenged a study with possible locations.

Energy transition requires new demonstrations

Hydroelectric power station at Olchinger Muhlbach. Photo: Richard Huber. License: CC BY-SA 3.0.

Criticism of the expansion of hydropower, the networks and the memory has so far almost exclusively from organized nature conservation. He even wants to prevent the transformation of the Danube for ship traffic between Straubing and Vilshofen in a form that allows the integration of hydroelectric power plants. Majority, however, was only very conditioned to be very conditioned: the Br-show transversely had in a contribution on this topic apparently so coarse Muhe, a Donaussteufenbestinin from the simple people found that they had to catch up on a canoeist who had to catch up wants to continue their luxury sport free of charge in front of the home tour.

Similarly, it behaves in the construction of current roads and pump storage. The nature conservation bureaucracy introduces itself to the point of view that electricity should prize so that it is then consumed when just about it is available. Indeed "intelligent" Electricity providers open up energy providers the possibility of cost (and thus to more profit) – but their savings potential was allowed to be very low: because neither cooking nor lighting or the operation of leisure electronics can be moved as desired. And when washing machine and dishwasher at night succeed and awaken neighbors regularly at three o’clock in tenouts at three o’clock, very fast lynchmond occurs.

In addition, the federal nature conservation is recommended the comprehensive warming of homes and photovoltaic systems on the roof. But against that, however, a different group storm: the monument protection. Both types of responters were publicly demanded in recent decades with considerable funds, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, a time in which one sat massively on nuclear power and meant, one can be behalf of the energy oil, the nuclear power plants in the smallest space deliver, thus allow some conservatory luxury in other areas.

For a year, however, German politics has been adopted by nuclear energy. Therefore, not only the legislators, but also to be abandoned and dishes, make a look between legal guidance if they decide on construction projects. You also need to take into consideration that a blackout in the 21. Century was much worse consequences than 30 or 40 years ago. Because today is practically no heating more without electricity. And charcoal furnace, with which one could prevent the worst, there is hardly any more because of the closed fireplaces.

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