Energiewende until 2030, 2040 or 2050?

Energy turning until 2030, 2040 or 2050?

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The goals are realizable. We have to take a huge opportunity

At the initiative of the solar pioneer Hermann Scheer was founded in 2010 Irena, the international agency for renewable energies, based in Abu Dhabi. Scheer represented in Buchers, Participation and television broadcasts as well as in his non-governmental organization Eurosolar, which is also founded by him, the global energy transition should be feasible for at least 2040.

Now Irena has "Energy coil dialog" In Berlin, a study submitted, after which the global energy transition is reached by 2050, but only under these requirements:

Even more optimistic than Hermann Scheer was, the Oko Pioneer and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Tony Seba is in his book: "The world will be responsible. radical. Until 2030". Seba prophesent the global energy transition in the next 12 years and explains his thesis with "Disruption".

This is called: A once begun development through new technologies lost an old system far faster than previously accepted. See the IT developments of the last decades. Creative destruction!

Especially the price development for solar and wind power speaks for Sebas thesis. In the USA, the cost of PV plants has fallen by a factor of 154 since 1970. At the same time, the OL has become a factor of 20 more expensive. Still ask please?

The entrepreneur Seba is convinced that the cheapest energy will prevail the fastest. All experience is talking about. The raw material for solar and wind energy is a free gift of the sky and therefore unbeatable inexpensive. Sun and wind send no bill.

In addition, Irena can prove that about three times more workplaces arise through the ecological energy transition than in the old energies. The global energy transition leads to eleven million new jobs. We have finally had to see and understand the relationship between the energy crisis and the workplace crisis. And take this huge chance.

There are also the rising health costs and millions of death through the old energy industry. The World Health Organization WHO has just found that 95% of world-free-breathing breath breathing. The fine dust load almost overalls the WHO limits. That’s why 6 are 6.7 million people died by air pollution.

Fine dust, the US Institute for Health Effects (Hei) also explains, creating pulmonary and heart disease. It had to be in Germany in Germany 2016 37.000 people die.

In India and China died in the same year, after Hei-calculations, each one million people each. The main source of emissions was the coal use.

Whether the new Irena report, the calculations of Hermann Scheer or by Tony Seba: The Federal Government lags far behind all these forecasts, although Germany most likely has the technical requirements for a rapid 100% energy transition.

The studies

The Irena Study: Global Energy Transformation – A Roadmap to 2050

Human Welfare to Grow Under Irena’s 2050 Energy Transformation Roadmap

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