Energiewende: still much to do when expanding the power grids

Energiewende: still much to do when expanding the power grids

The expansion of the power grids in the course of the energy transition occurs gradually – but need to rebuild thousands of kilometers of cables or rebuilt. The Federal Network Agency sees gross progress mainly in the approval procedures. Also in the face of protests against the construction of new powertrasses, the Prasident of the Federal Network Agency, Jochen Homann said, but at the same time, the energy transition would only be considered as "Joint work" succeed.

Hundreds of miles approved

"The already rough expectations of the energy transition – safe, affordable, climate and environmentally friendly – are surprising in political everyday life through a FULLE of regional and sectoral special wings", Homann said the German Press Agency.

According to the Federal Network Agency, the current roads to be realized almost 7700 kilometers, one of which a coarse part is also improved and optimized, 1700 kilometers in the space or federal specialist planning process. Around 3100 kilometers are therefore before or in the plan approval procedure. Another 800 kilometers are approved, before or under construction. Around 1300 kilometers of powertride are completed – according to the previous one year ago, it was 1100 kilometers. About 800 kilometers were still a permit procedure.

So, all sections of the planned powertrasse suedostlink (from Saxony-Anhalt began to Bayern) in the plan determination. At the Suedlink (by Schleswig-Holstein to Suddeutschland), the Trassenkorridor is expected to be determined this year. After that, the plan determination start here.

Criticism from Thuringen

Thuringen’s Minister Prosident Bodo Ramelow (LINKE) had recently shown emport on a proposal of four West German federal tags to provide the Suedlinkstrasse with an additional line. "This means that West-Bundlanders are moving out of the affairs on the jerking of an East federal state", said Ramelow. Background is a letter from the Minister of Applifements from Baden-Wurttemberg, Lower Saxony, Hesse and Schleswig-Holstein to Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU). In it, it is proposed to connect a line with the Suedlink route, which should also drive through Thuringen.

The Suedlink-Trasse is scheduled by Schleswig-Holstein to Baden-Wurttemberg, by Lower Saxony, Hesse, Thuringen and Bavaria. Opponents fear that not only wind stream of northern to Sudsutschland, but also foreign atomic and coal flow. According to the network operators Tennet and TransnetBW, the investment volume amounts to around ten billion euros.

In the energy transition, energy sources such as coal, gas and nuclear power of more environmentally friendly energy carriers are replaced from sun and wind. By 2022, the last nuclear power plant should be switched off until spat at least 2038 the coal outward exit is planned. The Okostrom content on power consumption should increase significantly by 2030.

Many protests and legal proceedings

Numerous burger initiatives have formed against the new powertrasses. You do not want "Giant", There is afraid of possible radiation and dispute over locations about substation. There are also complaints and long legal proceedings.

The Federal Network Agency, based in Bonn, pointed out, the grid expansion is also not completed with commissioning of the projects that are in the approval. This year, a new federal needs plane network with additional projects is expected to be decided, such as a new DC corridor of Schleswig-Holstein in the Ruhr area.

The challenge in grid expansion is to comply with the schedules agreed between politics, network operators and federal tags. "In addition to the transport tasks of electricity and gas networks, sufficient production capacity, resilient control mechanisms for grid stability and sufficient protection of networks and systems against third-party interventions, as well as the societal acceptance for the politically chosen way significant challenges of the energy transition."

Two years ago Altmaier had a kick-off one "Grid" In Bonn at the Federal Network Agency, an action plan for a faster expansion of the power grids presented. This looked like to tape planning procedures. In addition, existing power grids should be optimized and highly utilized.

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