Employment agency chief: tesla paid in grunheide high entry-level

Employment Agency Chief: Tesla paid in Grunheide High entry-level

Teslas Gigafactory is still in the Brandenburg Grunheide under construction, but in the coming year there are numerous new jobs arise there. When paying, Tesla should be based on the collective agreement of the metal and electrical industry, Jochem Freyer, head of the Frankfurt employment agency (Oder), in a newspaper interview said.

"Tesla pays significantly better than it is local, and will be based on the salary collective agreement of the metal and electrical industries", Freyer said to the Handelsblatt. Especially pleased, he showed himself that the Americans also gave unemployed and persons without suitable training a chance to work in Grunheide. The entry-level salary is very high for this region with 2700 euros gross per month. With striking vocational training, 3500 euros should be gross and more likely.

First, the employment agency wants to convey around 200 warehouses to Tesla until the beginning of 2021. By summer, according to Freyer, around 7,000 permanent full-time jobs are created in the Gigafactory. Interested parties can apply to the company’s website.

Musk has already led to the application

Last Friday, Tesla boss Elon Musk was in Grunheide and planned some application. He searched for the new factory for engineers who can solve problems.

The construction meanwhile stagnates, as a permit of the LandesumWeltamt Brandenburg is missing. The schedule for 2021 is therefore not in danger, but stroked it from well-informed circles.

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