Elite haiti was spared from the earthquake

The supply of people is still difficult, willing to prevent growing violence, the US government tries to prevent mass escape to Florida

The earthquake has hit Haiti one of the poor countries in the world. The capital is largely resourceed. However, the elite of the rich and powerful, which is natural, not here, not in the center and certainly not in the slums, but in the green hull in the suburb of Petionville. Here are also many of the foreigners and find shops and buros, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Petionville has remained largely intact, as the Washington Post reports, even if the devastations did not take place far away in the slums, which have spread to close to the Nobel Quarter,.

Even before the earthquake catastrophe, Petionville was a secure district. He has now remained according to reports, what the gated communities and private security services ensure. Here the police station was not destroyed, otherwise the infrastructure is intact. The wealthy people have enough advice and can afford the prices that are climbed into the high after the earthquake. Here is also one of the few inflated pharmacies, guarded by three armed policemen, each only one customer entering.

While around the airfield, which has now been supposed by the US militar, has been started with aid deliveries, food, water and medical care are still not achieving most people in the city (situation report from the UN-Buro for the coordination of humanitarian matter ocha To). Are deliveries come then there are chaotic scenes, people are thirsty, hungry and desperate. After plunners, there were also first sliding, murders and lynch justice. There is a risk that it comes to mass outlets and the violent bands expand their influence. The still intact managers and pharmacies have gorgeous to protect themselves before plunders. The earthquake also destroyed a custody, thousands of criminals should be in freedom.

Tens of thousands of bodies should already have been buried. How many victims there are is not known. Will be escaped, it could be 200.000 Tote. Tens of thousands of injured are still waiting to be treated medically. The government is still largely submerged and overlooks the field to the US militar, the UN Peace Mission and the aid organizations. However, the US soldiers will hardly be able to ensure security in the city after the previously weak state structures have failed and Haiti himself has no militar. Even if 10.To be stationed on and in front of Haiti, as you will be just a few on-site to safety rather scorched. Aid inserts are increasingly no longer possible without protection.

The UN mission seems to be marginalized by the loss of the coarse part of the guided after destroying the headquarters. The main effort is allegedly applicable to the rescue of its own employees. According to information of a reporter of Washington Post, the rescue operations have been highly primar for buildings and hotels with international residents and gastles. Employees of aid organizations had paid that they were commissioned to find and rescue foreigners first. Other reporters report that there was little to see anything about safety powers in the city. Only when visiting UN General Secretar Ban Ki-Mon, soldiers had secured the camp in the near of the Prasident’s Palace. The Times writes:

At 7am On Saturday a Spanish Rescue Team Finally Arrived with Sniffer Dogs and Established in Five Minutes, "with 99 per cent CertAnty", That There Were No Longer Any Survivors. They Had Done Some Digging, Butterfly Not Much. Their First Job, After The Intervention of A Western Diplomat, What To Search for A Close Friend of Haiti’s President. They Found Him Dead, in A Secure Neighbourhood Not Badly Hit.

Criticism comes from the doctors without limits. On Saturday, the landing had been denied an airplane with a mobile hospital. Instead, the hospital must now be brought to Haiti over the Dominican Republic, which has shifted the urgent medical care of the population by at least 24 hours.

The Americans will at least take the control over Haiti at short notice, supported by the Soldiers of the UN Stabilization Mission Minustah. In the political vacuum this can probably do anyone else. However, some already speak of the US to exploit the earthquake to occupy Haiti. Although in recent decades, US governments have repeatedly intervened massively in Haiti. 1994 sent Bill Clinton 20.000 soldiers to help Aristide to power, 2004 Stand George W. Bush with behind the coup (cash service for democracy) to stream Aristide and bring Auber to the country (A Typical American Coup, Haiti at the drip foreign governments).

However, the US was not really allowed to have a coarse geostrategic interest in Haiti, but with the assistance could also be associated with the attempt to prevent a fired escape stream with possible.

The UN World Food Program (WFP) also speaks of a worsening security situation. The supply of the population is made under the protection of soldiers. But success is reported: the WFP "Keeping hundreds of thousands of best in Haiti. At the end of today WFP will be 200.Overall, WFP will be supported in short 2 million people in short 2 million people. To do this, WFP uses US $ 279 million."

Many people have lost everything. It is believed that 3 million help to help in Port-au-Prince are 300.000 people become homeless. They could try to escape poverty and misney and get into security before the next catastrophe that can strike at any time. In Florida, the counties are already preparing for emergency tarpaulins on the custodians. Homeman Minister Janet Napolitano warned that the journey over 1000 kilometers from Haiti to Florida: "That’s a dangerful crossing. Every time people do this crossing, there is dead." Flights were returned again. She also asks to hinder the auxiliary events by escaping Haitians from the country. However, Napolitano raised the deportation of Haitians who are illegally entered the US, first of all. Who already before the 12. January in the United States, Konne received a request for a temporary residence permit. On the other hand, new escape is threatened with arrest, lockout and deportation.

Help for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti

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  • Bundnis development helps (merger of bread for the world, Medico International, Misereor, Terre des Hommes and Welthungerhilfe) online donations donation account 51 51 Bank for social economy Bank code 370 205 00 Password:
  • Doctors without boundaries German section (MSF) account 97 0 97 Bank for social economy BLZ 370 205 00 Keyword: earthquake Haiti u.a.
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