Electric trucks: joint venture wants to set up 1700 fast adaulees for truck

Electric trucks: Joint venture wants to set up 1700 fast adaulees for truck

Daimler Truck (Mercedes-Benz, Setra, Fuso), Traton (Man, Scania) and Volvo want to build a public high-performance charging network with first 1700 charging points for battery-electric heavy long-distance trucks and coaches in Europe.

The three commercial vehicle manufacturers want to build a joint venture based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), which should be kept in the same parts. From 2022, within five years with 500 million euros, at least 1700 high-performance charging points are built in the near highways, logistics centers and unloading points.

Occupied with Okostrom, they are to support truck fleet operators, especially in heavy long-distance traffic when transition to CO2 neutral transportation solutions. A high-performance charging infrastructure for long-distance traffic is the view of the three commercial vehicle manufacturers an economically sensible way to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in a short time.

Without trademark

The loading network is to provide fleet operators brand independent. The partners have in their envision to the 45-minute drive in Europe legally given in Europe as a potential intermediate charging time and reminds of the possibility, during the rest periods overnight ("Nightbird bans" with land-specific regulations in Europe) full load.

A study by the lobby association of the European Auto Industry Acea of May 2021 calls for at least 2025 to 15.000 and until at least 2030 up to 50.000 high-performance loading points alone for heavy commercial vehicles.

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