Einstein is right – still

Einstein is right - still

The system J0348 + 0432, which supplied the physicists the (re) proof for the species (artistic idea, image: European Southern Observatory / J. Antoniadis (mpifr)

Astronomers show that it is too early to write off Einstein: its general relativity theory describes the phanomena of gravity also in extreme traps

Science is usually pretty unspectacular. The chance to win new, mostly groundbreaking findings is low. Most work, patiently executed, confirm what we already know. So they are not worth nothing about: Without them, there could not be no breakdown. Thus, you have to have tested all alternatives before you can chill a sensation. But one compresses all the people who have ever lived on earth and are currently on their lives, on the volume of a sugar castle, may be succinctly interested by people for what is behind it, which would otherwise be studying the sports part. Even if the content of the message only confirmed well-known.

This is the recipe with which an international research team in Science introduces a paper that Albert Einstein proves general relativity theory (type). It describes how matter, space and time interacting – namely in the form of gravity. Since Einstein she presented in 1915, it has been successfully successfully confirmed. However, some physicists suspect that they will not be more and more circumstantuous.

The researchers have nothing against the species – but wherever a theory in extremeives becomes weak, the view of new physics opened. Promptable there is plenty, also with the hope of finding a convicted theory of everything. These ideas are not unfounded, because in areas where the quantum theory comes into play, contradictions build. In extreme cases, the kind had to lead to singularities of space-time, in which physical coarse lose their sense.

At this point, the billion people in sugar wurfs come into play. Because a cubic centimeter of matter inside a neutron star has billions of tons of tons of mass, huge gravitational faiths that are 300 billion times stronger than on the earth’s surface.

The system J0348 + 0432

PSR J0348 + 0432 The unusual sky object, which is twice as heavy as the sun, is only 20 kilometers pierced and turns 25.6 times in the second around himself. The fast rotation leads to the fact that astronomers PSR J0348 + 0432 can be observed in the radio area – it is a pulsar.

However, the neutron star alone was not helped by physicists when it comes to checking the species. But practically he has a companion, a dwarf dwarf relatively small mass, such as a Funftel of the sun’s mass. In 2.46 hours, the two circle the common gravitational center (because of the gross mass difference one could also say that the soft dwarf turns around the pulsar).

The system J0348 + 0432, which supplied the physicists the (re) proof for the species (artistic idea, image: European Southern Observatory / J. Antoniadis (mpifr)

This is a very low orbit, even if in its center there is only 20 kilometers of coarse object. But just that makes the system so exciting for the researchers: This should result for the sew of the dwarf over time of web chants. The small star falls, simplified, with the time in the strudel, which spans the enormous mass of pulsar in space-time. This slow slipping should also be observed from afar, in the form of herself argumentating radio spectra of the pulsar. These changes have now measured the researchers.

The result is a suspension for the hope for new physics. Even among the extreme ratios prevailing here, the kind says the gradual reduction in the railway radius of the senior dwarf precisely. That does not mean that Einstein is kept right for all times. The scientists have the border from which they will need a new theory, but again significantly pushed back.

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