Economic espionage? German intelligence successful successful easter-rich middle-class

Economic espionage? German intelligence Successful successful Easter-rich middle-class

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Federal Government in Vienna has convened a crisis meeting

This afternoon, the Easter-rich federal government meets the information of the ORF after a crisis meeting. The reason for this are reports in the news magazine profile and in the daily newspaper of the standard, in which details for about 20 years ago and began to be known in the course of the NSA-Affare’s familiar espionage of the German foreign intelligence service BND. These details were revealed to the two media from a German informant, which played a file from 2006, whose authenticity will love them from independent side.

This file can be found under the almost 2.000 osterreichische "aim", whose electronic communications of German Federal Assessment Service, by far, by far, not only terror-prominent individuals, Islamist clubs, and embassies of countries such as Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, Afghanistan and North Korea, but also facilities such as the Easter Chancellery, Ministries, the Chamber of Commerce, Universities and numerous companies. Not only rough companies, such as the Steyr Manager’s Steyr, the Bank Austria, the Technology and Industrial Developer Group voestalpine or the crystal glass manufacturer Swarovski, but also mass medium-stander. the "Wood handlers, aluminum operations or hot pump manufacturers" According to the standard, have a common: that they export with coarse success.

BND refuses information with text module

Her monitoring is the default according to "only partially explained by the task profile of the Federal Court of First Instance", the "Analyze hazardouses abroad", "observe compliance with sanctions as well as the activities of terrorists" and "Prevent the distribution of dangerous weapons" comprising. The newspaper therefore wonders, "Whether the BND also operated in addition to its target tasks in Austria in Austria to provide Germany a competitive advantage."

That, so the default, "Goods also in accordance with German law", because the paragraph 5 of the BND law (BNDG) one "Foreign foreign telecommunications clarification for the purpose of achieving competitive advantages" actually prohibited explicitly. The secret service answers media requests with the text module: "For operational aspects of his work, the Federal Court of First Instance reports fundamentally only the federal government and the state, secret committees of the German Bundestag."

At the German Federal Government, no one was available for comments this morning. The temporal low-part part of the espionage falls into the term of office of Chancellor Angela Merkel, which had already not only attracted in the Easter-rich federal government. Their tarpaulin of a further development of the EU does not comply with those who the Easter Chancellor Sebastian has short (cf. EU reform: Juncker VS. Short). This is particularly clear in the migration question, in the Merkel one "European solution", which they propagate officially, increasingly opposes isolated.

Neos and list Pilz demand information

More willingness to comments than governments and agents are available at the Easter Rich Opposition Parties: It was "apparently", So Stephanie Krisper from the Liberal Neos, "that the spag activities are not just about the defense of terror." She wants to know now, "Whether Osterreich ministries and our intelligence services were informed about the scope of the German espionage and whether there is a stopover agreement." Alma Zadic from the list of fun, its green heir party will call the National Security Council to determine if Easter Responsible "When protecting the economic and political interests fails" to have.

In the past were trials, the activities of intelligence services "friendly" Lander to clarify, regularly landed in Austria: as several FPO deputies in 2017 in the Ministry of Defense asked for information, it strolled it "Had for protection of the Republic". And on a current question of profile The Easter Rich Ministry of Home Office announced: "The topic complex you have requested can not be provided for information on the basis of legal agreement." Which overcomes it is concrete, love the BMI open.

Another part of the espionage is the US electronics intelligence NSA: He had called so-called "Selector" Automatic access to the information intercepted by the BND, as out of the 2006 file. These data also focus on the US embassy, which was also monitored, which of 75 other countries – including not only those of the above-mentioned problem states, but also for example those of Sweden and Japan.

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