E-commerce: kaufland assumes online market square real.de

E-Commerce: Kaufland superspire online market square real.de

The Black Group (Lidl, Kaufland) strongers your digital business through the use of the online marketplace Real.de. The online platform is to be continued under the name Kaufland and the previously largely stationary offer of the trading company revoked, as the black group announced on Monday. No information was made for the purchase price.

Boom in online trading

The discount specialist, with its Lidl and Kaufland divisions more than 12.000 branches and achieves sales of more than 100 billion euros, has so far little prasent in e-commerce. The online commerce with food had experienced a boom in the Corona crisis. The Group wants to lose this luck now apparently. "real.DE is a key component of our art offer. The combination of stationary business and online trading will open up additional possibilities", explained Rolf Schumann, Management Board Digitization of the Black Group. real.DE had grown permanently.

In November last year, the online marketplace had started the International Marketplace Network after a year-old test phase, which an alternative to the marketplace of Amazon or eBay should offer.

The contested sale of real.DE is the next step in the smashing of the SB department house chain real. Already in the spring of the year, the Real parent company Metro had the sale of the daughter including the digital corporation to the Russian Financial Investor SCP. This transaction should be completed on this Thursday.

Russian investor stobs real digital enterprise

SCP wants to sell the crisis department house chain after taking over quickly stucco for stucco. At the end of Marz, the Financial Investor had informed that 141 of the more than 270 real-market market and EDEKA should be delivered. Now the digital company should also go to Kaufland. The Financial Investor called the sale as "another important step" When implementing his tarpaulin.

The transition of real.DE To the black group is still under the reservation of the 25. June provided for the acquisition of Real by SCP and antitrust approval of the suppure.

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