Due to snowfall, parts are close to opel and ford

The snow-capped truck driving ban in neighboring countries and on some highways in NRW has made for production failures at Ford in Koln. Also in the Bochum Opel plant, parts were scarce. It did not happen there but there. In Koln, necessary parts like instrument panels, seats and heaters could not be delivered, Ford spokesman Bernd Meier said on Friday. "That’s why several hundred cars could not be built in the past night. The bander stood still."

The aggregates had pronounced because of the snow driving bans for trucks over 7.5 tons in Luxembourg, Belgium and parts of France. In total, about 40 truck charges are affected in Koln, which now arrive after and after. "At the beginning of the spatfight, everything is expected to run normally again," said Meier. In the Kolner Ford plant, the small cars Fiesta and fusion are built. Even at the factory in Saarlouis, there were significant delays in deliveries, but the production did not have to be interrupted there.

In the Opel plant in Bochum, parts of one or the other place have become scarce. But all the cars had to be built planned, said factory spokesman Alexander Bazio said. Other bottleneck does not give it because this Saturday will begin the three-week factory holidays. During this time, further preparations for the new production of the new Opel Zafira should be made. The model should go in series in September 2011.

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