Drink against the crisis

above "End of Days", the new movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Fruhe, there went one still in the cinema, because one It could be sure that one was in good hands in it. Manner in the movie – that could, who wanted to put on the simple formula: Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger. The world was Regraganabig hard okay, as Rocky Balboa praised a blackegger poster with a view of his own Muckis, despicable the mouths of her mouth or simply threw himself three raw eggs in the mixer instead of a fresh stuck.

But, oh, that’s a long time ago. How long, that is currently preferred for a time ago. Susan Faludi says it in her controversy book "Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Man". And David Fincher shows it in his "Fight Club". The man as such has a problem. A problem he does not seem to get rid of so fast. Even in action films, which are more prevalent to a fast-to-talked man’s crisis, it is no longer possible, as it should be.

Drink against the crisis

An example of fighter? Peter Hyams’ New Film End of Days. Right in the open scene sits there a heavily struck and in the years Arnold Schwarzenegger Alias Security-Guard Jericho Cane in his darkened booth on the edge of the bed. He just meditates about an important question. Essentially, it’s about the pistol he has put in his mouth shortly before. His finger trembles at the trigger. Will he or he will not? overall, unshaven and alcoholic as he is, you do not need to be a prophet in order to see ahead that the new millennium probably has to do without the former Mister Universe.

But just before the decisive moment, his friend and partner Buddy Chicago (Kevin Pollack) bursts in the room. He does not pay him from a new order you absolutely had to accept. It’s about the guarding of a Wall Street banker who is a bit of paranoid. Yes, yes, maybe the next time, the thought that Jericho goes through his head when he takes the pistol out of his mouth and laying on the bedside next to the bed. With a sigh that comes out of the deepest heart, he smells hugging.

But, oh God, you hate almost all bones cangles and axles. A man does not want anymore. A man can not anymore. Nevertheless, Alpen-Arnie hits himself in the kitchen like at better times. As an allusion to a scene of his old competitor "Sly" Stallone (whose last appearance as fats, wadden duck in "COP Country" Also not exactly a courier) he presents himself in front of the mixer. But instead of stancing three raw eggs, he tilts everything that is currently available, in: coffee, o-juice and last but not least a serrated pizza. Prost meal. "Fruhstuck, that’s the most important food a day, you will?", he says before he lies everything through the throat.

No, the man has a problem. He is a pitiful discovery model that is no longer needed. Or at least one last last time. Because after the sad obtrusion, the movie still takes pretty ride. "End of Days", This is Peter Hyams’ contribution to the general millenium mood. The devil high and in person of Gabriel Byrne has come among us to the world at New Year’s Eve "save".

But to this salvation, humanity was most likely to do without. A strong alliance, which ranges from the Pope to Schwarzenegger, stands with all the power against the devil. Especially since the first and foremost on the sub-Christine, with which he wants to witness a child in the night of the night – a Messiah or so similar, that will not quite clear. But it does not need, the words are replenished enough anyway and now explodes and gets the plot after a few on and abs a happy end. Man’s crisis for or from, ultimately Arnold Schwarzenegger is again the beamman.

Not, but without dripping again to highest form. Christine, for the upcoming defloration plagued by the devil of nightmare, tries to reare medicines. As fast as a tennis machine the ballps, she throws a pill after the other. When Arnold caught her, she zotes a moment to offer him a dry one out of her stock. "Do you want?", ask her. With the thought of the whiskey from the last evening he shakes his head and says: "No thanks, I drink. This helps to be good-proof." He is a real man.

KINOSTART: 2. December

"End of Days", USA 1999, Director and Camera: Peter Hyams, Book: Andrew Marlowe, Actor: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Jericho Cane), Gabriel Byrne ("The man"), Robin Tunney (Christine), Kevin Pollack (Chicago), 122 min. TP – End of Days -1- 24.11.99

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