Dos action of electrohippies against genetic engineering

The British hacktivists want to show the action week "Resistance is fertile" Try new Internet protest forms

From 1. Until 10. April finds one "Global action week against genetic engineering" took place, which is resistance is fertile and organized according to the type of decentralized resistance, which has been successfully shown for the protests against the WTO last year (protests in Seattle, London and the Internet). The action week was decided in December in Russia by the Bryansk Statement. Involving At the Action Week, the British ElectroHippies, which performed their actions on the Internet and developed new instruments.

The week of action, which so far, but no rough participation, is directed against the transnational corporations in the biotechnology sector, the patenting of life and seeds or the defense of genetically changed foods. Many people around the world are concerned about genetic engineering and power to gain global corporations with her, and became them "unnecessary technology" reject "To develop and maintain systems that are independently of transnational biotech companies". The initiators who call themselves as activists who are not associated with any organization buried the co-assisted biosafety protoCol, which offer the countries to control coarse opportunities than previously to control the larger importance of genetically changed organism. You really want to draw attention to these new rules and demand local market for food.

The ElectroHippies want to carry out protests in the sense of the Hacktivism. They cooperated with the Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT and have used the WTO meeting whose Tribal-Floodnet tool used to land the website of the WTO (virtual sit-in the WTO servers allegedly successful). Firstly, they are continuing to continue "Virtual sit-ins" of the EDT about developing legitimate protest fumes on the net and performing. The Internet Muses remain a public space and as in any other public space, there are also possibilities for democratic protests that are not equal to the corner of cyber terrorism. Unlike the conventional hacker or criminal cracker actions, for them, are legitimate democratic interprotests that are performed in all openness and with clear goals of many people at the same time, in which the action responsible for the action do not hide behind the anonymity and cracked no websites will.

If the Electrohippies had used the WTO conference the Floodnet developed by EDT, with which the website of the organization was automatically called up again and again automatically to hinder the access to this, so have you for "Resistance is fertile" New programs developed. So should from 3. Until 7. April of those who want to participate in the action, an email campaign with the "Email lobby composititor" to be performed, which is available for the date on the specially designed website. This allows you to select an email yourself from argument modules or can be assembled by a random selection, which will then be sent to companies such as Monsanto or Aventis with the production of genetically changed foods. Which other companies can still be aim, Paul Mobbs, the spokesman for ElectroHippies, does not yet reveal.

On the 8th. and 9. April should then take place the main action with a new program: one "Genetic DOS action", which the biotech companies should provide an idea of how many people are against you: "This is the online coordination of public opinion that really pays. If there are a lot of people participating, then the server logs of genetic engineering companies will show those who are state-of-conditioned, how roughly the support is … We will use the logging programs of the servers of coarse genetic engineering companies as a ‘virtual payer’ to measure the protest of the openness against the development of genetically changed crops and patenting of human life."

However, the DOS action does not use any foreign computers that as "Zombies" to be used to make the tatter anonymous, but it will go out directly from the computer of that, which participates in the protest. The action is to be started overdies only when the majority of those who come to the website of the ElectroHippies is right for the transaction of the action. The DOS program primarily wants to prevent the dynamic caching of the attacked servers by not calling on the URL of the website, but various, possible data-heavy items on the page again and again, the calls from the user’s computers happen in random order. The DOS program will be sent to the participant in an email. For example, a small number of stakeholders could also bring access to the websites of companies for some time or at least slow down because they have fewer servers and bandwidth such as eCommerce websites. However, the "damage" the virtual sit-ins here also only a symbolic.

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