“Do not get in trouble with the german police!”

Hofgarten Bonn. Image: Detlef Chicken / CC BY-SA-4.0

A Judian university teacher will victim of police wedding cure playing the unworthy shot.D. 2018 in the Bonn Hofgarten, the legislative experiencing a unhoped lesson in history

The former Kurfurstly Residenz- und Fruhere German Bundes capital Bonn (government seat 1949-1990) has been a depressor richer since by the past week, and has something to do with a police reluctance. It meets an Israeli, but still a scholar who is to defend itself. In view of the circumstances you could be attempted to think a ghost from the (young one) past is awakened. In any case, the incident caused nationwide and also internationally for a view. What happened?

First a bad first act: One of the hearing after twenty-year Bonn with Palastic roots suggests the Israeli guest professor Jitzchak J. Melamed several times the Kippa from the head, Pobelt "No Jew in Germany!" and push the 50-year philosophers – all this happens in the prominent Bonn Hofgarten. The attacked calls the police to help, while trying to escape the attacker with dwelled Oberkorper, which made a mentally confused impression according to Melamed.


Disconnect twenty minutes until the ordinals arrive – in the middle of Bonn. When the police finally appears, she confuses the victim of the abuse with the tatter and throws himself with four men on the perplexed professor, which calls in vain, he is the wrong. The policemen overwhelm him, print him to the ground, fix his hands with handcuffs on the jerking and beat him dozens of brutally in the face, so it is bleeding.

Then they started to hit me in the face. About 50, 60, 70 times – completely minted! I was shocked. This is a vile police behavior, as you can only find it in a developing country.

Jitzchak J. Melamed

The Bonn police has now apologized, speaks of one in a press release "Situational misunderstanding". The double and triple attacked decided to have decided to defend oneself in any way: the legislation were on him, so that he barely breathe, let alone have to afford resistance. One of the police officers taught him: "Do not get in trouble with the german police!" ("Do not attach yourself to the German police!"To).

… and a support of the police

He replied: "My coarse father was murdered in 1942 by the German police, my gross mother was murdered by the German police, my aunt was murdered by the German police, my uncle was murdered by the German police. And I’m not afraid of the German police."

After this involuntary lesson in history, so melamed, the Bonn police officers still trying for one and a half hours trying to diade him from a complaint. Finally, he had been threatened to complain about the policemen, so they were forced to accuse him to resist his arrest.

The Bonn police championship has suggested the youngest reports now personally. A preliminary investigation is initiated. Jitzchak J. Melamed shows up unimpressed: The only reason why police have visited him, he was that he was a professor at an American university: "If I was just a Underdog of the German society, no one was interested in (for the incident)."

Melameds Resumee to the West German General Zeitung (WAZ): "You have a problem with anti-Semitism, but also with brutal police power".


The accused police officers belonged to an insert hundred. According to information from the Kolner City-Anzeiger one has one of the officials, a 28-year standby policeman ("No experienced colleague"), in the meantime. In order to ensure the neutralization in the processing of the incident, the police prose party of the neighboring town of Koln was turned on. The investigation now concludes the accusation of corporary injury in the Office and at all four colleagues the suspicion of criminal distribution in office. The city of Bonn Plant meanwhile for Thursday one "Day of Kippa".

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