Dirty games with children

The Affare L’Arche de Zoe

In Chad, there are currently six members of a French aid organization, three French journalists and seven members of a Spanish aircraft crew. Official charges point: tried debolling of 103 children. The Prasident of Chad, Idriss Deby Itno, wants to discover in the planned action of the organization L’Arche de Zoe even indications for people and organ trade and at least padophilic motives . The French aid organization wanted to rescue their own representative oriented orphan children from the neighboring crisis area Darfur and bring to France to them there for foster families, or. To accommodate adoptive parents. However, a lot of this presentation also speaks that the organization appears in the best human friendly light. But the Chadistic Prasident Deby, so far no proven friend of human rights, has interests that do not prioritize with the well-being of the children.

The sufferers are the little ones. The Tohowabohu from ies of politicians, authorities, media people, policemen etc. puts them pretty much, it is called. They were a lot of crying: a sorry waiting to be politically exploited. Especially if the children cry, because you do not want to go away from their parents. This is how this is represented by that side, which the humanitarian organization l’arche de Zoe is less friendly: the resistances in Chad.

Although reputed organizations such as the UNICEF doubt that the 103 children who should be flown from the Spanish airplane to Europe are all war orders from Sudan, but for the government in Chad, the doubt about the sincerity of the aid organization also has a political benefit.

But unjustified are the doubts about the organization L’Arche de Zoe therefore not. According to information of a consultant of the French Minister’s Minister, the children – unlike the organization promotes the Internet with some urgency for support – do not come to the coarse part from Darfur, but from Chad and have parents from Chad and there. No orphans so and not as sick as shown – apparently healthy children have been created for a combination so they look sick; Official papers, passe or other children’s documents is missing whether they are indeed orphans from Darfur, is not so prove.

For the French government is a tricky thing. This is why it has distanced quickly and clearly from the action of the aid organization and sentenced to the charges that are uplowered by Chad does not reflect loud. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Fillon today warned the government in Chad that one has a watchful eye on respect for the rights of the detained French.

In France, the government is accused not to have undertaken nothing against the action of the organization. But what had you had to do, the state-owned State Secretarin returned to a parliamentary debate in which it has been accused of having already known the action since the summer: "Did we intend to put them prertainly into the prison (…) Send our militar to the airport to finish the operation?"Said Rama Yade. This type of French Africa policy is over: "l’afrique de dad, c’est appointments"

It was not missing from the French, about 1100 soldiers in Chad have been stationed. And right here is the political explosive in the matter Ark de Zoe. In a few weeks, the European EuFor commitment in Chad begins, although officiall under Irish direction, but as observers think, on the ground the French had the say.

And not all that the officially mandated European Eufor engagement imches with him, pleases the prasident of the Republic of Chad, which is why it certainly benefits him when he has been involved in a unclean cause, which has made a lot of attention, as pledge in his country has as defendant. This means good politics – behind sealed treatments.

But the mistrust of the Chadistic authorities also has his comprehensible reasons, which are located beyond political manobevers and the action of Arche de Zoe: that children are victims of human dealers, is not rare in Africa, especially incentral and West Africa. Only a few weeks ago, Behord in Nigeria an attempt to smuggle alleged adoptive children to Europe and North America, as the Tagesspiegel Web: "In fact, so the accusation, should they be sold to Padophile".

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