Depth gap between europe and latin america

Balance sheet of the EU Latin America summit: strategic partnership between the two regions has failed. Increasing contradictions of trade policy

The responsible persons of the Spanish EU Council Prosident were glad, so one could almost mean when the summit was over with the states of Latin America and the Caribbean in the past week. Unlike the past meetings in Vienna 2006 and in Lima 2008, the European Union no longer relied on rough media prasence this year. This is hardly surprising: The Latin America Politics Brussels is finally marked by contradictions.

The ideal of long-term cooperation of both regions has long been discarded. Instead, the EU tries to enforce neoliberal trade agreements with individual states of Latin America and the Caribbean – although it has shown that the structurally weak economies of the Suden can not withstand barrier-free trade in the exported industrialized countries.

Spain’s Aufemister Miguel Angel Moratinos tried to overdo stagnation. In Madrid, the foundations for a global strategic partnership were laid, the chief diplomat wrote in a commentary, which was also printed in the German daily newspaper. What is first positive, is actually a recognizable relativization. For four years ago, both sides spoke of one "Birth national strategic partnership". However, at the fourth summit in Vienna, the Anti-Neoliberal States had piled up a political co-design for the first time. Bolivia and Venezuela subsequently met criticism of the unilateral orientation of EU trade policy, both states warned alternatives.

Moratinos does not enter into this difference difference in his review. Instead, the politician of the Social Democratic Party PSOE leads the trade agreements concluded in Madrid with Central America and Colombia as a success. It was possible to cooperate the political will "to implement in tangible results".

Human rights hidden

Just these trade agreements in Latin America but on harsh criticism. This applies above all the agreement with Central America. Although the Honduran head of state Porfiro Lobo International is not recognized, the Spanish EU Council Prosident has invited him to Madrid. Lobo belongs to the Putschisten, which gestures the last democratically chosen prasides of the Central American country at the end of June last year and made auxiliary.

Unasur and boycott threats of ten of the Zwolf member states did not take Lobo on the official summit on the 18th. May part. But the following day he was present at the signing of the trade contract. Human rights organizations pointed parallel to steadily increasing political violence against activists of democracy movement in the Central American country since the enthronization of the de facto-prasident Lobo. The commitment to "Common use for human rights" In the final recognition of the Madrider summit is at least incredible against this background.

The contradiction between human rights entitlement and auxiliary policy reality also concerns the trade agreement with Colombia. Since the remission of the acting Prassified Alvaro Uribe, the lead of this Sud American country sets a massive militarization in the fight against the guerrilla groups. This policy is flanked by a neoliberal policy, with which the causes for armed conflict – especially the country question -. Colombia lists four million inward escapes. More people are only distributed in Sudan in their own country. The planned massive expansion of monocultures within the framework of free trade with the EU will encumber this problem after consulting human rights organizations.

Targeted construction of regional federal partners

The contract with Colombia also proves the failure of EU Latin America policy in other ways. Originally, with the Sud American states en bloc, a trade agreement should be concluded. With the regional covenant Mercosur, the talks are now on ice because, above all, Brazil opposes the EU’s unilateral conditions.

"When the talk of the negotiations, the talk between the EU and Mercosur were resumed, Brussel put the same proposals on the table", Says the Brazilian trade unionist Kjeld Jakoben, who pointed out that the EU has a nine time of high export volumes than the Mercosur. "The asymmetry does not be afraid", he adds, "but it must be considered in the design of the contract." So far, the EU is not ready for this. Instead of negotiating America’s regions, it is – as before the USA – to talk about talking about the last neoliberal states. Brussels, however, also accepts that EU concepts are rejected by the majority of Latin American countries.

But the agreements signed in Madrid are far from sack and tute. Non-governmental organizations and oppositional parties in both regions increased because of the precarious human rights situation in Honduras and Colombia that the agreements are ratified by the national parliaments of both sides. The EU hours then unpleasant debates.

So what regarding the balance sheet of relations between Europe and Latin America? During the summit meeting in Vienna and Lima, a common partnership was sought, can not believe in it at least since Madrid no one. Instead, alliances can crystallize between the neoliberal EU and its politically related individual states. For Brussel is a labile farm. Colombia is de facto a burger-warland. Peru, with which a trade agreement is also to be closed, is increased by increasingly violent social confrontations. And in Honduras, the coup regime has not consolidated his power under the de facto-prassident Porfirio Lobo.

Especially German actors therefore put on a starting this federal partner. The FDP near Friedrich-Naumann Foundation supported the coup in Honduras and is still verbally – in front position to other left-directed states of the region. She seems to follow a government line. As for diplomatic sources, the CDU-near Konrad-Adenauer foundation wants to open a representation in Honduras. Internely, after personnel.

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