Departing british: “heavy blow for tunisian tourism”

The British government criticizes the protection measures in Tunisia as insufficient

For the Tunisian tourism industry, it becomes difficult. The British government has prompted her burgers to depart. It is expected that up to 3.000 British tourists in the next few days leave the country.

"If you stay in Tunisia and have no important reason to stay there, then you should leave the country", is to read since yesterday on the website of the Foreign Ministry.

Once again, this is that after the attack in a hotel complex of the Kustenstadt Sousse, where in the majority of British tourists came about life, further follow: "Further Terrorist Attacks Are Higly Likely, Including in Tourist Resorts."

No concrete information about the upcoming connection, but a threat picture

Although the British sub-minister Philip Hammond explained that there was no information about being planned or imminent, but that "Picture of a threat" have "observed", so that you are convinced in the government that the probability of further connection is high.

On the other hand, a critique of the Tunisian government can be found in the letter. Although the Council is held in the departure of the diplomatic tone on departure, it can be clearly remembered that one does not familiarize the security measures of the Tunisian authorities.

It is thus pointed out that you have worked closely with the Tunisian agencies, but it is added that you have used the previously used "Risk defense" for not enough.

The Tunisian Minister Prosident Habib Essid now wants to talk to Premier Cameron on the recommendation of his Au – Ministry, the Ambassador Tunisia in London is profitable: "The whole tourism is gross damage, a lot of people lose their workplace and land on the strain. Shipping hotels and this is an important sector." You can play the intentions of terrorists in the hands.

Success reports and luck

For critical Tunisian websites, the mass deduction of the British tourists is a consequence of the fact that the success stories, which the government has launched since the assassination in the Museum Bardo (cf. 1.000 arrested terrorists), not a real foundation.

The security systems have a rough defense, according to the magazine capital, over the success reports, such as the news of Funf Toteten terrorists in the southwest of the country, in Gafsa, can not exchange.

In any case, the protection against violent supports is the IS who spontaneously decide to a bloodat and do not randomly take their own life difficult. In Tunisia, there are thousands of manners moving to Syria in Jihad, so does some likelihood that there are radicals available in the country, which are ready for such funding. It is not difficult to come to weapons in Tunisia, it is called in reports.

"Masonry" and failed

The opposite Government now brings what was under the party Ennahda: a better control of the mosques and a more accurate observation of Salafist milieus. For this purpose, young mans are held by departure in crisis areas.

That one is with a lot of spat and the project is conceptually on other high swings, as reality can be insulated, it is also evident on the last spectacular message via protection measures: Tunisia wool a 150-kilometer wall on the border to Libya build, was reported this week.

Until the planned fence was built, years will be passed, this commented on Journalist Wasim Nasr. From a wall, do not be talking, it is a fence that should be built in a not too deep trench with some barbed wire. This is a maaking in retrospect that will not do much anymore. The border traffic of radicals between Tunisia and Libya had been better prevented earlier.

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