Decentralized actions against wto meeting

Immediately with two action days, the globalization critic Cancun wants to derail – today is worldwide "Blockade day"

Globalization criticism is always made the accusation that they operate first and foremost event hopping. Although it is media-effective at international conferences and summits with their protests prussently, but often not regionally anchored.

Now will show how justified this critique. Because the WTO meeting in Cancun wants to put the protest movement focus on decentralized actions. This is natural primarily very pragmatic reasons. A flight in the Mondan Mexican seaside resort Cancun can be highly the most "Protest Elite" to provide full-time representatives of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). For the majority of the protesters, he is simply prohibitive.

Currently, background texts are currently circulating on the Internet, which should learn the widely unknown matter to the WTO conference. As always with decentralized actions, the strong here is more in the variety. The actions are often not so spectacular. Two high points: the worldwide blockade day today Tuesday and the day of action on the 13th.9.

Today, worldwide blockages of airport and straws should take place in order to depart symbolically or actually depending on the delegates to the Ministerial Conference in Cancun to. impede. In Berlin wants a small promotional court on this day "A small, decided demo party" after the model of Reclaim-the-Streets parties organize and symbolically block important sites in Berlin. In question, the economic ministry, the federal government of German industry, the Potsdamer Platz..

The aim of this reclaim-the planet party should be according to the will of the organizers to stew the capitalist everyday life.

We have to prevent ministers from breaking up to Cancun to get there on agricultural agreements, gats, trips and expansion of the WTO power through the "New topics" Negotiate and do so as the normalest in the world. That’s not it – and we want to show that loudly and determined

Enforcement text

It’s all clear that so that the WTO meeting real can not be prevented. Therefore, for the 13. September worldwide actions against the event self-planned. The range of planned actions is wide. In addition to Attac, the independent network People’s Global Action wants to put its own accents. In contrast to Attac, it has always stanned for direct actions and refuses solid structures.

In numerous city, groups have come together, which plan to plan the actions related to Cancun. Even from smaller places, in which there has been hardly any activities of the globalization critic, activities are already reported. Thus, observers already speak of a new departure of the antiglobalization movement by Cancun. However, it still has to prove whether it is more than a new straw fire. At the beginning, the initially quoted criticism of event hopping was not only related to the location but also to the contents of the protests. Especially the current preparation but shows that still international congresses, like now the WTO conference, determine the resistance agenda.

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